LeanData Announces a Revamped Partner Program & Introduces New Partner Directories

Assembling the right RevTech stack can be a daunting challenge. However, when done correctly, that RevTech stack pays immediate dividends in the form of a sustainable competitive advantage.

An effective RevTech stack requires the right strategy and for multiple solutions to work hand-in-hand, seamlessly orchestrated to deliver an exceptional experience to the end customer. More and more, this seamless orchestration depends on partnerships.

Partnerships build linkages between organizations for the benefit of their customers. It’s this customer-centricity that serves as the foundation of LeanData’s growing partner program with system integrators (SIs) and independent software vendors (ISVs).

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LeanData’s SI and ISV Partner Programs

Holistically, LeanData’s partner programs are designed around two simple tenets. First, partnerships have to empower and bring more value to our customers. Secondly, partnerships must come together to share that vision in the market. Our collective mission with partners is to increase customer value by expanding use cases and services, driving customer retention and growth.

With this foundational approach, LeanData has established many strong partnerships to date. As a Salesforce-native application, the largest partner in the LeanData ecosystem is, of course, Salesforce (SFDC), the world’s leading CRM solution provider. Additionally, the current LeanData partner program includes relationships with 40 additional partners — 27 SI partners and 13 ISV partners. 

These partnerships have created many opportunities to elevate our joint customers’ strategies and processes. Of LeanData’s more than 800 customers, 775 of them use SFDC and at least one other LeanData partner. Significantly, 142 LeanData customers use Salesforce plus five or more partners. Bringing these investments together with LeanData creates unlimited opportunities to advance strategies, align people and processes, and orchestrate the right plays to drive growth.

“Partners have played a huge role in LeanData’s growth to date. We’re powering revenue operations excellence at companies large and small, and at the core of that is how we not only enhance Salesforce, but how we elevate the strategies and technologies around it. Expanding our partner program helps get us to the next level by powering more digital transformations and creating more alignment between the RevTech stack and revenue teams. The more we empower our customers, the better for LeanData and our partners.”

~ Chris Messina, VP of Alliances at LeanData

Improving Upon the LeanData Partner Program

Recently, LeanData has expanded upon its partner programs to improve how we enable partners and help them grow with the LeanData modern revenue orchestration platform. 

Enhancements are not only aimed at improving how we partner to drive growth and increase mindshare in the marketplace, but also enhancing how we partner together to increase customer return on investment in LeanData, Salesforce and other critical solutions in RevTech stack.

Image of the ISV and SI tiers of the LeanData Partner Program

One important addition to the program is the introduction of partner tiers — Associate, Silver, Gold and Platinum. These tiers are primarily established on joint customer adoption, and each subsequent tier unlocks stronger additional benefits, such as more go-to-market (GTM) options, deeper co-marketing and co-selling relationships, and additional support. The more opportunity we have to positively impact our joint customers, the more we’ll lean into a partnership. 

SFDC is a partner in the ISV Platinum-tier, which also includes Slack, 6sense and Salesloft. Platinum-tier SI partners include Accenture, BDO Digital and Nomad Marketing


“We’re thrilled to be a Platinum partner in LeanData’s new ISV program. It not only reflects the work our teams have put into the partnership, but the value our joint customers see when they bring our solutions together. The more we can improve pipeline growth for our customers through reduced speed to lead, higher sales productivity and better customer experiences, the stickier we become. We’ve delivered great joint value to date, and we’re excited to see where we can push this partnership next to provide even more value to our customers in the future.”

~ Devin Schiffman, VP Alliances at Salesloft

Introducing New LeanData Partner Directories

Furthermore, with the new program LeanData is also pleased to announce its new partner directories, built to provide more visibility and exposure into our esteemed partners and the value they provide. Please visit the LeanData SI Directory and LeanData ISV Directory to learn more about our partners and how we work together. 

Taking such a big step forward would not have been possible without our charter and current partners, and the success we have realized together thus far. A strong foundation has been set, and we’re looking forward to building further upon our strong partnerships and collective success to provide our customers an optimized RevTech stack and long-term success.  

For anyone interested in joining the LeanDate partner programs, please visit us here.

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