DocuSign Keeps Vital Businesses Moving Forward with High-Velocity Lead Response Strategy

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Its promise is simple: “No matter what, no matter where. DocuSign will keep your business moving forward.” With the COVID-19 crisis, however, this commitment took on new significance.

As the world shifted from the office to remote work, demand grew rapidly for DocuSign’s digital signature and cloud-based agreement solutions. And yet, the company was able to successfully mobilize at the speed needed to support the needs of healthcare, emergency-government services, education and other vital businesses during this critical time. 

In the face of growing lead volumes and fast-changing go-to-market conditions, how did DocuSign successfully meet this challenge? Hear from the go-to-market operations team who built the highly scalable, flexible and “built for speed” lead management engine powering the company’s rapid response to incoming requests. And learn how this sophisticated new lead-management engine ultimately allowed DocuSign to be there for businesses around the world when they needed it the most.


Andrew Stafford – Senior Director, Marketing Operations, DocuSign
Lizzie Lee – Marketing Automation Manager, DocuSign

  • Lead Management
  • Lead Response Time
  • Operations
  • OpsStars

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