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Expedient Decreases Inbound Response Time From Days to Less Than 24 Hours

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To support account-based marketing (ABM) and selling initiatives, Expedient wanted a simple way to handle incoming leads. However their existing account routing rules and service level agreements within Salesforce were becoming increasingly difficult to build and enforce. With several platforms contributing to ABM plays, Expedient couldn’t eliminate manual processes completely. And yet without automation, there was no way to keep up with growth and scale.

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Less than 24 hours

to reach out to inbound contact requests compared to their previous multi-day response time.

ABM Acceleration

Expedient now identifies interested accounts significantly earlier and engages them at an accelerated pace with a more accurate picture of the prospect’s interests.

Revenue Impact

Improved Operational process has had a significant impact on revenue for new business and customer growth.


With 14 data centers to date, Expedient delivers a consistent portfolio of universal multi-cloud services to organizations across many industries. Significant growth and expansion necessitated a change in their internal sales and marketing processes, with emphasis on a digital-first buying experience. Expedient not only needed a more efficient system to handle buyer signals and incoming leads but also a solution that would integrate platforms within their tech stack.

Converting Complex Flows to Easy Lead Routing

In 2019, Expedient began a journey to meet buyers during the discovery process and find ways to turn buyer signals into something actionable that would ultimately drive revenue and reduce the sales cycle.

Expedient ran into challenges executing their ABM sales model within the Salesforce ecosystem as well as marketing platforms whose primary focus was on individual prospects. Expedient was manually routing leads and using custom objects within a complex flow that was not only hard to maintain, but also hard to explain to stakeholders.

Expedient’s Go-To-Market Operations Manager, Nicholas Lansberry, was charged with implementing LeanData. Lansberry quickly became LeanData Certified, describing the learning curve as “simple.”

He first began using LeanData’s lead routing solution to handle complex routing rules, then expanded to territory management and round robin pools.

Lansberry found that LeanData was intuitive to use and gave him more control over routing. The platform also provided better reporting and a better visual representation of routing, making it easier to explain processes to stakeholders. And with the audit logs, they could quickly pinpoint any issues in the data.

An Evolving LeanData Expansion: Integrating Signals and Plays

As Expedient expanded its footprint into new verticals, leadership recognized that particularly with enterprise accounts, one rep selling alone was no longer effective. Across SDRs, AEs and partners, often multiple reps were working simultaneously with different contacts at the same organization, Expedient needed a more holistic view of accounts, capturing all activities.

Expedient implemented 6sense to further their account-based motions, allowing them to collect intent data from their website, emails, and keywords on visitors’ websites. Now the 6sense qualified accounts (6QAs) are enriched with a buying group of decision makers, then LeanData routes the accounts to the right rep. With LeanData sitting in the middle of the RevTech stack, the process is completely automated.

In the future, Expedient plans to enroll these decision makers in Salesforce Sales Engagement Cadences, and notify the sales team via Microsoft Teams when accounts are ready to be worked.

Over time, Expedient’s approach to operationalizing their go-to-market strategy evolved. In the past, the Sales team would use multiple tools to research individual leads. Now armed with data, Lansberry began to proactively surface buyer signals to the Sales team with LeanData serving as the quarterback to the whole process. The mission then became delivering the right data to the right reps and holding them accountable for timely follow up.

With Lansberry at the helm, what started as a simple routing solution evolved into a powerful revenue orchestration tool. Lansberry says, “It’s an operational oasis!”

Quality Leads Delivered to the Right Reps at the Right Time

With LeanData in place, the right leads and accounts are getting into the hands of the right reps faster and accurately. Expedient has reduced the response time to inbound contact requests from days to less than 24 hours. Expedient can identify interested accounts significantly earlier, and engage them at an accelerated pace, armed with a more intelligent understanding of the lead’s interests.

About Expedient

Expedient helps companies transform their IT operations through award-winning cloud solutions and managed services including disaster recovery, security and compliance. Ranked as one of the top three managed services providers worldwide on Channel Futures’​ MSP 501 list, the company’s Cloud Different™️ approach provides an on-ramp to the cloud, supporting the optimization and delivery of all applications, backed by “white glove” services and support.

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