Solution Brief

LeanData & 6sense Integration

Integrating LeanData’s industry-leading revenue orchestration platform with 6sense’s account intent data delivers revenue teams intelligent account-based automation powered by real-time artificial intelligence (AI) insights.

Simply, LeanData and 6sense work better together!

A LeanData and 6sense integration is an easy value-add to your revenue orchestration process. 

Use 6sense to uncover all the anonymous buying signals created on both your website and across the internet, matching signals to accounts and capturing keywords of most interest to those accounts. 

Firmographic data, market segmentation, buying stage predictions and other rich account data is then added to your Salesforce instance. 

From there, LeanData’s industry-leading Routing solution distributes and assigns accounts to the right representative at precisely the right time for relevant, contextual engagement, each and every time. 

Review the one-sheet solution brief for more, or schedule a demo today. 

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