The Authoritative Guide to Buying Groups

A new, Opportunity-focused go-to-market motion is rolling in and this guide to buying groups is tailor-made to answer all your questions.

More and more B2B sellers have noticed that for high consideration products, the buyer is not one person, but a buying committee made up of multiple departments, roles, and personas.

Get ready to learn:

  • The inherent problems using MQLs and Account-Based motions when your buyer is a group
  • The fundamental building blocks of a buying group motion
  • The nine most common roles within a buying group
  • The impact of a buying group motion on your Marketing, Sales and Operations teams
  • The technology considerations of a buying group motion
  • How to operationalize a buying group motion using LeanData

Navigating the transition from Lead- centric and ABM strategies to an Opportunity-focused, go-to-market motion is admittedly no simple feat.

This transformation requires a thorough internal process evaluation, an understanding of industry best practices and data management strategies, and potentially the adoption of new technologies.

This guide will help you understand why and how organizations are transitioning to a buying group motion, the impact of this shift, and how LeanData can help.

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