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Rebuy Scales Revenue Operations with the LeanData Platform

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Rebuy’s sales operation was hampered by manual processes and disparate tools. Chili Piper, their scheduling tool, lacked a clean interface and robust routing capabilities. The BDRs spent significant time manually converting leads and routing them, and the Merchant Success (MS) team managed assignments through basic round-robin, lacking strategic control.

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LeanData Orchestration

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8 hours per week per BDR

Freed from manual data entry, now spent on prospecting and qualifying leads

Customer Experience

Ability to execute more strategic account management

Operational Agility

Flexible and easy-to-use BookIt with on-the-fly changes to workflows

Operational Time Saved

and increased control contributes to strategic goal of acquiring and expanding customers more efficiently

Rebuy was experiencing growing pains. Their sales and mechant success operations, crucial for fueling their rapid growth, was bogged down by manual processes and disparate tools. Scheduling meetings, routing leads, and assigning accounts were all time-consuming and error-prone. Nicole, Rebuy’s CRM Platform Manager, knew they needed a solution to streamline their operations and empower their GTM teams. 

A Frustrating Status Quo

Previously, Rebuy relied on Chili Piper for meeting scheduling. However, Nicole found it lacked the clean interface and robust routing capabilities Rebuy needed. Chili Piper did not allow strategic routing functionalities including auto lead conversion and matching which contributed to much of the manual work and mismatched bookings that the BDR team was spending unnecessary time on. The BDR team spent a significant amount of time manually converting leads and routing them to the right reps, and were having to fix errors that occurred regularly. Rebuy’s Merchant Success (MS) team managed assignments through basic round-robin in Calendly, lacking strategic control.

“It was very manual,” says Nicole. “Our BDRs were probably spending eight hours a week just converting leads, looking up accounts and creating new records in Salesforce.”

These manual processes created bottlenecks and hampered their ability to scale efficiently. Nicole knew they needed a solution that could automate tasks, improve team productivity, and enable strategic account management.

The Search for a Unified Solution

Nicole’s initial goal was to replace Chili Piper with a more robust scheduling tool. But as she explored the market, she discovered LeanData’s comprehensive Revenue Orchestration platform. LeanData offered not only BookIt, a powerful scheduling solution, but also Orchestration, a robust automation engine.

“When I saw everything that LeanData could do, I knew it was the best fit,” says Nicole. “It’s huge to have everything in one platform instead of in multiple places from a user management perspective. We evaluated multiple routing and scheduling platforms, and LeanData didn’t just meet our expectations; it aligned perfectly with the deliberate criteria we had set. It’s not every day you find a solution that so thoroughly checks every box on your list.”

LeanData’s capabilities addressed Rebuy’s pain points across the board:

  • Automated Lead Routing and Account Assignment: LeanData Orchestration eliminated the need for manual routing. Leads captured through BookIt forms were automatically converted to Contacts and Accounts, matched to existing records, and assigned to the correct owners.
  • Strategic Account Management: LeanData’s rule-based routing allowed Rebuy to create sophisticated criteria for assigning accounts based on factors like industry, size, or engagement level. This ensured the right accounts were directed to the right reps for a better customer experience.
  • Streamlined Handoffs: LeanData facilitated seamless handoffs between Sales and MS teams, as well as back to Sales when accounts met criteria to move from month-to-month contracts to annual agreements.
  • Improved Partner Referrals: Partner referrals were automated within LeanData, sending notifications to both the AE and Partner Manager, ensuring smooth collaboration.

A Flawless Transition and Immediate Results

The transition from Chili Piper to LeanData was smooth, according to Nicole. “Honestly, it was flawless,” she says. “We had no issues.”

During the implementation, Rebuy had a request that wasn’t available out of the box and a LeanData developer was able to create a custom code, avoiding any potential issues and improving the administration of BookIt on their forms.

“I did the technical implementation as a team of one, and the support from the implementation team really was stellar in helping me get the project completed. We had input from various stakeholders, but the implementation, support, and product teams really provided amazing service to us – and they continue to do so.”

The impact of LeanData was immediate. BDRs were freed from manual data entry, allowing them to focus on high-value activities like prospecting and qualifying leads. 

MS teams gained greater control over account assignments and implementation call scheduling, enabling them to provide more strategic support to their customers, and ultimately increasing retention.

BookIt: Reliability, Flexibility and Ease of Use

While meeting conversions remained steady, Nicole found the true value of BookIt to lie elsewhere. “Meeting scheduling is mission critical,” she says, “but what sets LeanData apart is the team – from Professional Services to Support, they’ve been amazing to work with.”

LeanData offered Rebuy several key advantages:

  • Reliability: BookIt ensured seamless scheduling experiences, eliminating downtime and scheduling conflicts.
  • Exceptional Support: Rebuy’s small team benefited tremendously from LeanData’s dedicated support team, who were readily available to answer questions and troubleshoot any issues.
  • Flexibility and Ease of Use: LeanData’s intuitive Flow Builder interface allowed Rebuy to make changes to scheduling rules and workflows on the fly.

Advanced Troubleshooting: Audit logs provided clear visibility into scheduling activities, making it easy to identify any issues.

Looking Forward: Building on Success

Rebuy continues to leverage LeanData’s capabilities to automate additional processes. They plan to use Orchestration to automate MQL/SQL identification and notify BDRs via Slack when a lead meets the criteria but hasn’t booked a meeting.

“Automation is great, and that’ll help with a lot of other processes downstream as well,” says Nicole.

Nicole’s Advice: A Resounding Endorsement

When asked about her experience with LeanData, Nicole is enthusiastic. “1000% go for it, it’s totally worth it,” she advises. “I own Rebuy’s CRM, and developing the long term vision for our systems and the processes inside of it.  When thinking about what type of tool to put in place to help our GTM teams, I was very strategic in determining the criteria that this solution needed to have that would align with the goals we have as a company. LeanData’s Orchestration and BookIt checked all of those boxes and then some! The tool is extremely flexible, allows for changes anytime you need to make them, and it is really easy to learn. The implementation support provided to us was beyond excellent and the continued support we receive from LeanData is second to none in comparison to others.”

LeanData has revolutionized Rebuy’s revenue operations, transforming cumbersome manual processes into streamlined efficiencies. The transformation extends beyond mere operational improvement; it signifies a complete redefinition of Rebuy’s workflow, enabling not just the achievement of strategic goals but also freeing up valuable time for its revenue teams to focus on selling activities. With the adoption of LeanData, Rebuy is not merely growing, it’s making operational efficiency a catalyst for its success.

About Rebuy

Rebuy empowers Shopify stores of all sizes to deliver personalized shopping experiences designed to increase conversions, boost order values, and retain more customers using intelligent upsells, cross-sells, and post-purchase follow-ups. More than 10,000 of the fastest-growing brands on Shopify use Rebuy, including Olipop, Aviator Nation, Jeffree Star Cosmetics, Tecovas, and Feastables.

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