LeanData Professional Services

We are so excited to work with you!

The LeanData Professional Services team will ensure your implementation of LeanData is a success. With over 1,000 implementations under our belt, you can be confident this team of experts will provide an efficient and guided project to fit your needs. You will work with a designated Professional Services Consultant, who will guide you through your specific implementation, sharing best practices and resources along the way to make certain you’re getting the most out of your LeanData products.

What to expect

LeanData’s efficient onboarding programs are tailored to your needs. Below is a breakdown of available Implementation Packages. If your needs fall outside of the below packages, let us know – we’re always happy to create a customized service offering to suit your needs!

Professional Services Packages

QuickStart Comprehensive Custom
Description QuickStart*
(Customer Led)
One/Two Object Routing
(<50 users)
One/Two BookIt Products
(<25 calendars)
Custom SOW/All others
Requirements Customer has LeanData expertise and is Implementing any 2 of: Lead, Contact, or Account Router, or BookIt for Forms or BookIt Handoff LeanData Leads the implementation with customer supporting LeanData Leads the implementation with customer supporting Customer needs exceed Starter and Comprehensive
Hours 4 15/20 10/15 Based on Scope**
Timeframe Up to 30 days Up to 30 days Up to 60 days 6+ Weeks
  • Assigned Professional Services Consultant
  • Assigned PS Consultant
  • Assigned Project Manager
  • Custom development or training
Assist with testing/development Customer-led icon icon icon
Training Online Resources icon icon icon



  • (*) QuickStart package is available for LeanData Certified customers. Learn about LeanData Certification
  • (**) We offer scoping sessions to learn your business requirements and outcomes. We offer Custom Object Routing on any Salesforce object.

Sample Timeline


Your LeanData subscription also includes the following resources, designed to help you take full advantage of LeanData to achieve your goals:

  • LeanData Customer Support team for technical support
  • Customer Success to assist you in getting the most from LeanData
  • LeanData Help Center – LeanData product documentation
  • Lead Routing Templates – Includes templates of typical routing flows that customers can use as a starting point for their implementation
  • Monthly Basic Training Webinar – An hour-long webinar covering the LeanData basics
  • LeanData Routing Certification – Advance your skills even further with LeanData Certification; choose from a live virtual course or a self-paced online course
  • Time-to-Action (T2A) Dashboard – The “Time-to-Action” dashboard is a Salesforce dashboard, deployed in the form of an unmanaged package, containing reports that measure SLAs for various Speed-to-Lead use cases.

We count on you

Our combined success is dependent on completing the tasks outlined in the project plan in a timely manner. The timelines established have been tested and refined over many iterations. Your designated Professional Services Consultant will provide your timeline in the kick-off call. Should your project have extenuating circumstances, we are happy to work with you to find the right path forward.

The following items are critical to your success and considered key customer responsibilities:

  • All phases to be completed within the agreed-upon timeframe, per the scoped project
  • Customer will provide access to one Sandbox environment for building and testing LeanData configurations
  • Customer will conduct all required testing and communicate to LeanData anything that needs further investigation and/or additional changes to configurations
  • The Customer will share all Salesforce details pertaining to configurations, including but not limited to: User IDs, fields/values, Queue IDs, Assignment rule IDs, etc.
  • The Customer will provide access to the Sandbox environment for LeanData, including Author Apex and Remote Login Access or front-end Salesforce login (for deployment configuration and debugging purposes).

What’s considered out of scope

While we love supporting our customers, unless otherwise specifically stated on the order form the following items will not be covered in this implementation:

  • Routing of any Salesforce objects other than those specifically listed in the order form
  • Routing of custom Salesforce objects and any custom actions or calling to an existing APEX class
  • Advanced duplicate merging other than the standard merge functionality in LeanData’s Flowbuilder product
  • LeanData deployment excludes any merging of Salesforce instances or mass injection of Salesforce data (mass injection is considered to be 20%+ existing Salesforce size relative to any particular object)
  • LeanData deployment excludes any mass update jobs; for example, mass deduping and mass routing/re-routing (mass jobs are considered to be 20%+ existing Salesforce size relative to any particular object). In the case that these services are needed, LeanData can advise on best practices and the Customer will be responsible for execution
  • For BookIt, changes to any hosted pages

How we get it done

All services described on this page, including any training, are typically performed remotely from a LeanData office location during LeanData’s business hours: Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm PT, excluding Holidays. If you would like for your LeanData team to work onsite, any associated travel-related expenses, including travel time will be invoiced to and paid by the customer. We don’t see the need for this too often but we are happy to accommodate various working styles.

Sometimes we need to make changes

That is the nature of these projects. Priorities change, as does scope. Should that happen, we will come together to discuss. Our work product and success of your project are dependent upon the content and accuracy of information provided by Customers during the initial project scoping and during the day-to-day project activities. During these meetings, we will listen to make sure the destination we are targeting remains in focus.

LeanData shall make reasonable efforts to accommodate all Customer requirements identified during the project. If LeanData or the Customer determines the scope of this effort is outside the reasonable expectations, then we (Customer and LeanData) shall negotiate and execute a Change Order, defining the additional scope and associated timelines. The customer shall create a new Purchase Order for any additional funding if required.