5 Reasons Why You Don’t Take Vacations if You’re in RevOps

Hey RevOps! What’s your ideal vacation?

Watching the sunset on a tropical beach.
Relaxing by a roaring fire at a ski lodge.
Hiking the scenic trails of Chamonix.

The challenge is, as you’re sipping that margarita at the Golden Monkey Tiki Lounge, your Slack alerts are going bananas because something’s broken. Again.

Whether it’s RevOps, SalesOps, or MOps, you carry the weight of the tech stack on your shoulders. Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success teams rely on you for everything from large-scale process builds to list uploads.  

And while you absolutely need and deserve to take time off, there are a lot of valid concerns tying you to your desk.

Here are the top five reasons why RevOps pros are hesitant to take vacations:

#1 Things Break

Austin Powers meme about RevOps installing risky beta software

If you’ve macgyvered your tech stack to make things work with brittle code…things break. When systems break down, it can lead to delays, missed leads, and a poor buying experience. Disrupted operations further impacts employee morale and productivity, ultimately leading to lost opportunities and revenue.

Companies rely on RevOps to save the day by fixing system breakdowns the moment they occur, or working with software vendors to solve the issue. 

Vacation-Worthy Solution: Invest in software known for its reliability.

#2 No One Else Than RevOps Can Modify or Troubleshoot Lead Distribution

photo of Jackie Chan saying Why are things always changing

Lead distribution is a moving target. Territories change. Deal sizes change. Your company’s products change. Sales team members get promoted, take time off, change verticals, and well, quit. 

There will always be a need for RevOps to adjust round robins, modify sales pools, balance territories and set up schedules such as working hours, vacations, and regional holidays to ensure lead equitability.

Plus, when a lead routes to the wrong sales rep, RevOps must investigate the root cause and fix the lead routing logic, whether they serve as the Salesforce Admin, or work with an IT department that manages the CRM.

Vacation-Worthy Solution: Invest in lead management software that is easy to update and agile.

#3 Your CRM Data Will Get Too Dirty

a school bus getting hit by a train meme

Dirty data is unavoidable. People enter their own data when they come to your website. Sales reps add information to their assigned records. Employees manually upload lists of contacts from webinars, conference scans, or other marketing campaigns. 

If no person or tool actively manages dirty data, it has the potential to make your Sales team less productive. Reps will spend their time manually triaging incorrect data, which then results in missed leads, long sales cycles, stalled deals, and wasted effort. 

The RevOps team is typically responsible for deduping and maintaining data hygiene in their CRM because much of an organization’s business decisions rely on data: reporting, forecasting — even the activities of Sales and Marketing teams. 

Vacation-Worthy Solution: Automate your data cleansing processes as much as possible and invest in a lead-to-account matching tool.

#4 Key Handoffs May Fail & Negatively Impact Pipeline

Relay race where marketing and sales pass a baton while a RevOps cat watches them

The B2B buying journey is like a relay race. As a seller, you want perfect handoffs to occur from marketing to sales and onto customer success. If departments are working in silos, handoffs may fail or create a disjointed buyer experience, influencing buyers to look elsewhere. 

Typically, RevOps manages these handoffs — the people, technology and plays that support the buying journey from beginning to end. 

If a demo request form does not route to the right sales rep in the right territory, RevOps fixes it. When enrichment software is not updating information on the Lead or Contact record before it’s routed, RevOps fixes it. If no person or tool enrolls Leads or Contacts in the right nurture sequence…you see where I’m going with this. 

Vacation-Worthy Solution: Invest in a Revenue Orchestration tool that can manage all handoffs along the buyer journey.

#5 Leads Will Get Lost

Sometimes leads get stuck in the proverbial black hole. They may be assigned to inactive users, hanging out unassigned in queues, overloading one sales rep over another, or assigned to a sales rep without their knowledge.

RevOps understands the lead lifecycle.

They know all the touch points where your tech stack interacts with a lead. They look at the processes in your CRM that govern lead routing. 

If the CRM is Salesforce, RevOps will audit the Lead Assignment Rules, round robin flows or Apex code.

Vacation-Worthy Solution: Invest in lead routing software that provides detailed audit logs, SLA automation, and immediately alerts your Sales reps when lead assignment occurs.

RevOps Can Take Vacations With Confidence

It’s not really a true vacation when your body is ziplining through the treetops of Costa Rica while your mind is 3,000 miles away, analyzing your company’s lead response time. 

While it’s completely understandable, considering the passion and commitment so many RevOps pros dedicate to their work, it’s a sure recipe for burnout. People who work in RevOps, SalesOps and MOps are by nature problem solvers and when a system breaks down, they will search and test and iterate until it’s fixed. It’s their superpower.

But maybe it’s time to consider other solutions that relieve the burden of daily RevOps challenges — free your time for those high-value projects you’ve always wanted to do.

Let’s chat todayAnd plan your next vacation. 

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