A RevOps Video Series — for RevOps, by RevOps

LeanData is proud to introduce a new video series dedicated to RevOps topics, developed and delivered to you by those who live in the RevOps sphere. 

In a relatively short period of time, Revenue Operations, or RevOps for short, has grown to be mission-critical for many organizations.

Depending on their size or go-to-market (GTM) complexity, some organizations have RevOps as a role. In others, it operates as a function, containing several RevOps roles. However, how Revenue Operations looks within a company is not too important.

What’s most important is a strong and shared organizational RevOps mindset. This cultural norm drives predictable revenue across Marketing, Sales and Customer Success through an end-to-end process of transparency and rigorous execution. 

Driving Effectiveness & Efficiency

Revenue Operations is uniquely positioned in the organization. Outputs from RevOps processes empower the success of all its GTM motions, spurring the company to scale revenue growth.

Concurrently, RevOps also enables the revenue team to run more efficient processes. This eliminates costly waste in both resources and time, and ensures GTM investments achieve a maximum return on investment (ROI).

When Revenue Operations hits on all cylinders, it fuels the revenue engine to run optimally. Plus, it impacts both the top (revenue) and bottom (profit) lines.

Pushing the Conversation

LeanData has long used its online forums, events like Dreamforce and OpsStars, and its collaborations with analysts, media and partners to push Revenue Operations concepts front and center in GTM conversations. 

image of two drumsticks on a drum with the words Drumroll please

Don’s Dos & Don’ts features concise tips, along with perhaps a few tricks, from LeanData’s own Don Otvos, vice president of Revenue Operations. Don frequently shares insights from his long and distinguished career in blog posts, on webinars, and at conferences, both virtual and in-person.

These new videos are designed to explore a singular topic and deliver insights in less than two minutes of your time.

Don’s first episode covered Fiscal Year Planning, a process many of us are undergoing currently.

The second installment of the series covered Critical Tech Tools for Your Revenue Stack.

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