OpsStars 2021 All-Star Sessions & Speakers You Can’t Miss

The agenda for OpsStars 2021 sessions and workshops has been announced for the two-day virtual conference, Tuesday and Wednesday, October 5-6.

OpsStars is the only community dedicated to the field of B2B Revenue Operations. Throughout the year, it brings Ops professionals together to advance the collective cause.

This year’s event, the 6th annual OpsStars conference,
Powering the Modern Revenue Engine, will be no exception.

Day 1 Can’t-Miss Sessions

Electricity and Flow: The Future of Customer Experience
Vala Afshar, Chief Digital Evangelist at Salesforce
A brilliant forward thinker, Vala is the author of The Pursuit of Social Business Excellence, a must-read for professionals who want to be a successful leader driven by social collaboration. Vala also co-hosts DisrupTV, a weekly show covering the latest digital business and innovation market. 

In his keynote address, Vala will speak to using design thinking to improve the stakeholder experience in today’s hyper-connected, distributed and digital economy. With a decentralized and digital-first economy built on the currencies of speed, personalization and intelligence at scale, Vala will look at the importance of artificial intelligence (AI) – business electricity for the new normal – and how it can be leveraged to deliver a better stakeholder experience.

Powering the Revenue Engine: The 2022 Revenue Tech Stack

Craig Rosenberg, Vice President, Distinguished Analyst, Gartner
Come OpsStars, I personally get the honor of introducing Craig and his presentation, and I’m looking forward to better understanding some of his leading-edge insights. You will too – for nearly 10 years, Craig has been a preeminent analyst, researcher and advisor who has helped companies grow faster by shopping, benchmarking and improving the experiences sales and marketing organizations deliver to buyers. 

Going Digital: A Digitization of GTM Models in a New, Virtual Age

Matt Jones, Managing Director & Partner, and Drew Preston, Senior Manager, Accenture
In this highly anticipated session, participants will learn how to marry experience, data and technology to meet the needs of today’s new digital customer.

What KPIs Your Sales Teams Should Be Measuring

Elliot Straube, Sales Insights Lead, and Cassie Pless, Corporate Sales Director, Outreach
This session focuses squarely on the metrics all sales teams should measure throughout the sales journey. Of special importance will be the discussion on the various resources used to make data actionable to answer questions such as:

  • How can we best measure prospecting-pipeline contribution?
  • How can we best leverage data to track AE prospecting?
  • How can we best drive equity across territories?

Hey, Day 1’s agenda is simply loaded, and at different times of the day there are as many as three parallel tracks. We know you can’t be everywhere at once, despite how badly you might want to be. OpsStars 2021 sessions have you covered though. All the sessions will be recorded for you to access later, on demand.

Day 2 Workshops

Day 2 at OpsStars is dedicated to hands-on workshops to help you gain the insight necessary to make your organization a top-notch modern revenue engine. As the workshops are hands-on, they’re limited in capacity, so grab your workshop tickets now if one catches your eye. 

Good to Great: Top Three Differentiators for Forward-Thinking MOps Leaders

Cristina Saunders, CEO; Charlie Saunders, COO; and Alison Rouse, VP of Solutions Architecture and Analytics at CS2
The most successful companies recognize the business value of a strategic and well-resourced marketing operations team. This workshop will level up Marketing Ops by focusing on three key differentiators: 

  1. Shift from tactical to strategic with a more business-centric approach
  2. Lead of all things data by developing an analytics framework for all revenue teams
  3. Own the customer experience so your company’s technology-forward marketing is successful.

Making a Great First Impression: How to Deliver a Better Buyer Experience Through Inbound Automation

Josh O’Brien, co-founder, RevShoppe & Jay Vira, Product Manager, LeanData
RevShoppe has pulled back the curtain to reveal the current state of speed to lead adoption through a ground-breaking research study of 500+ high-growth companies’ response metrics to high-value, inbound buying signals. Participants in this workshop will discuss industry benchmarks across the B2B landscape; the processes, technologies and best practices to automate speed to lead; and the value realized by the fastest runners in the go-to-market race.

Revenue Architecture

Aaron Hill, Revenue Architect, Winning by Design
It’s next to impossible to scale without treating growth as a science. The Winning by Design Revenue Architecture workshop delivers revenue team leaders an understanding on how to achieve sustainable growth by designing a recurring revenue operating model based on scientific models.

Level Up Your Funnel: Lead Management Strategies for the Modern Marketer

Drew Noel, Head of Professional Services & Hana Jacover, Director of Demand Generation at MadKudu
In the understatement of the year, lead management processes have to work for both Marketing and Sales. The reality is, too often they don’t. This workshop centers on both learning and unlearning, and you’ll discover best practices around qualification, seamless handoffs between Marketing and Sales, accountability, transparent visibility and increased productivity.

a panel of operations experts speaking at an OpsStars Conference

See you at OpsStars 2021: Powering the Modern Revenue Engine

OpsStars’ annual event is the singular place for the best GTM leaders and operations professionals share how the operations functions are adapting to today’s ever-changing competitive marketplace, all the while building an unshakable foundation for long-term success.

Be sure to join OpsStars on October 5-6 and further the discussion of the evolving role of operations, the power of technology to drive the revenue engine, and best practices for building and running the buyer experience.

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