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[Workshop] Doing More with Less: Scaling Enablement with Agile Sales Playbooks

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We all know what sales playbooks are: they are a key ingredient for scaling enablement. They’re a “secret sauce” for how each role in your organization does their job and achieves their goals. Sales playbooks are what gives your team the singular version of what good looks like!

Trouble is, traditional playbooks are also a whole lot of “aren’t”.

They – 

  • Aren’t adaptable, even while your process, playbook, product, and market are evolving
  • Aren’t sustainable
  • Aren’t valuable to tenured as well as new reps
  • Aren’t accessible how they exist today

How do we fix playbooks? Creating ones that are agile, are useful, are accessible, and are valuable.

You’ll walk away from this workshop knowing:

  • The benefits of an agile model 
  • How to begin creating your own agile playbooks
  • A Sales Playbook Framework template
  • A post-workshop checklist for keeping your playbooks up to date
  • Operations
  • OpsStars
  • Sales

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