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Amplify Improves Buyer Experience With BookIt for Forms

Amplify, a pioneer in K-12 education, partners with educators to make learning rigorous and riveting for every student. Serving schools and districts in all 50 states, Amplify has a team of field sales reps, inside sales reps and sales development representatives (SDRs) to manage a high volume of inbound leads.

Amplify is always looking for ways to improve the buyer experience because they know it demonstrates to the prospect the type of partner Amplify will be.

Amplify is Using BookIt for Forms

Improving the Buyer Experience with Automated Meeting Scheduling

With a high volume of quality inbound leads for sales reps that are on the road and in the field, it’s often necessary for SDRs to qualify leads. However, the manual back-and-forth to schedule meetings can introduce another hurdle for a prospect. Amplify wanted to streamline connecting with an SDR. 

Amplify implemented LeanData’s BookIt for Forms on their Contact Sales webform where high-intent leads raise their hands to talk to sales.

Based on a number of criteria, including form comments and job title, LeanData determines whether that person qualifies for a meeting with an SDR. If they do, they are shown a calendar via BookIt for Forms to instantly book a meeting with an SDR in their region.

“For our prospects, BookIt reduces the friction between point of interest and connecting with the person who is going to help them,” said Christine Leonard, Executive Director of Sales Development and Renewals at Amplify.

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Routing Leads that Don’t Qualify for a Meeting

Some leads don’t qualify for instant booking with an SDR. Usually these are leads matched to existing accounts with assigned reps who are already engaged with the account. For example, this occurs with existing customers or prospect accounts with open opportunities.

In these scenarios, Amplify chooses to instead use LeanData Routing to route them directly to the account owner for personalized follow up. This reduces the number of sales people engaged with any one account.

Making the right routing decisions is essential for us. Things are really, really sensitive with some ofHead shot image of Christine Leonard, a BookIt for Forms user our deals. And if we don’t match the right person to the right account, problems ensue. Obviously the SDR team is well managed and we’re on top of it. But I don’t want any issues, so what’s key for us is having more confidence that somebody who’s filling out a form is going to get matched to the right account and we can make a decision whether to show calendar versus not show calendar.”

~ Christine Leonard, Executive Director of Sales Development and Renewals, Amplify

Improve Buyer Experience Without Buying More Tools

What also influenced Amplify’s decision to buy was the fact that they could improve the buyer experience without adding to the revenue tech stack.

Amplify was already using LeanData’s Matching and Routing, so it was a no-brainer to add this functionality.

“I did not want to add another darn tool to the stack!,” said Leonard. “We’re all stretched extremely thin, trying to onboard anything is really hard. And having yet another tool in the stack just kind of gave me heartburn.”

Going forward, Amplify plans to expand their usage of BookIt for Forms to additional types of leads and continue to streamline the buyer experience.

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