Here’s Why I Chose LeanData Instead of the Competitors

Checking out LeanData competitors?

It’s in the Grandma Handbook, right next to baking perfect cookies: Never settle with just one price quote on a major purchase. 

It always pays to spend the additional time speaking with and investigating more than one company, and software is no exception. 

Whether you’re searching for a lead-to-account matching and routing solution, automated business meeting scheduling, or modern revenue orchestration, you’re likely wondering how LeanData stacks up against the competition.

Often, the most reliable sources for feedback and reviews are people who’ve been in your shoes, evaluating the same platforms, making the same decisions. 

So why do LeanData customers choose our platform as a tech stack essential over Chili Piper, RingLead, Openprise, Distribution Engine, and others?

We asked, and here’s what they said…

Image of a human icon, weighing the benefits of LeanData in one hand to those of Chili Piper, Ring Lead, Openprise in the other.

Lean Data Delivers Superior Routing Functionality

“As our lead and contact routing became more sophisticated in LeanData, we found we were running into more questions and misalignment with meeting routing in Chili Piper. The routing rules couldn’t be matched one-to-one. So it made more sense for us to move to LeanData BookIt. We were also looking to have better alignment, iterate quickly, and make data-driven decisions with the reporting and metrics LeanData provides.”

Molly Young, Sales Operations Partner, AMER + SDR

“We have very complex routing rules and processes. Despite spending a lot of time working with Ringlead to make the Routing feature work for our needs, it ultimately was not a good fit.  So I decided to look for another routing tool that could support our complex needs. I asked other RevOps experts for recommendations and LeanData was recommended the most for our use case.”

Alisa Goldschmidt, Senior Revenue Operations Manager, Harver

LeanData Scales With Your Business & Its Complexity

“As a rapidly scaling business, we needed something more manageable and configurable in Salesforce without using code. Our lead routing was frequently changing as we built out a sales development function, and I needed to make changes more quickly and without dev cost. Plus, the auditing side of LeanData really appealed to me. I could see why leads were being routed a certain way and why errors might occur so I could fix them at source. “  

G2 Reviewer

“We could not have scaled or built something and changed our go-to-market strategy as fast as we have without having a tool like LeanData.”

Brett Rogers, former Team Lead, Marketing Operations, NextRoll

“We couldn’t scale our business without LeanData. It’s really that simple. LeanData just makes sure everything gets to the right place.”

Cindy Hancock, former Sales Operations Systems Manager, SalesLoft

LeanData’s Audit Trails & Troubleshooting Capabilities are Game Changers

“LeanData’s visual graphs for routing makes it easy to follow the path of an object and catch any hiccups. I also love the ability to see a retrospective view of a router and detailed audit logs. This makes it easy to figure out what happened and make tweaks if needed.”

Alisa Goldschmidt, Senior Revenue Operations Manager, Harver

LeanData Leads the Way with Seamless Tech Stack Integrations

“LeanData was always at the top of our list because it was the vendor most recommended by people I trust. We looked at the pain we were trying to solve and evaluated which vendor could solve that pain, as well as which one seamlessly integrated with Salesforce and Outreach. LeanData was the only solution that could meet both these requirements.”

Rob Simmons, former Senior Director of Inside Sales, AuditBoard

LeanData Simply Works

“Everything always works. We 100 percent rely on LeanData. It’s crucial to our success. I don’t even think of what LeanData provides us as customer service. LeanData is our partner.”

Xenia Escalante, Director of Marketing Operations, Castlight Health

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