Can’t-Miss Sessions at OpsStars 2022

The seventh annual OpsStars Conference & Awards is fast approaching. This year’s conference takes place September 21-22 at The Mint in San Francisco. Just like its pre-pandemic editions, OpsStars will take place parallel to Dreamforce, and just two blocks away.

The OpsStars Annual Conference is the annual event for operations professionals to interact and engage with each other. OpsStars serves as the singular destination to hear the latest content from frontline operations practitioners and leaders about challenging experiences, solutions to overcome, and the insights and lessons learned to make better decisions and avoid future obstacles. 

This year’s OpsStars Conference is themed, “Dawn of the Revenue Generation,” and the agenda includes a bevy of keynote discussions, panels, and workshops.

Below, find your list of can’t-miss sessions at OpsStars 2022.

Opening Keynote – Dawn of the Revenue Generation

Wednesday, September 21, 9:00 am 

Evan Liang, Co-Founder & CEO LeanData

According to Forrester Research, companies that have deployed RevOps functions grew revenue three times faster than those that haven’t. Further, a tighter alignment of go-to-market (GTM) teams can drive a 100-200 percent increase in return on investment (ROI) for digital marketing initiatives. Welcome to the Dawn of the Revenue Generation! 

Operations matter more than ever, giving your teams more power, influence and opportunities than ever before to drive business impact. In his keynote address, LeanData’s CEO, Evan Liang, will take participants through the past and present of revenue-focused operations, and along with several of LeanData’s partners, show the art of the possible with modern revenue orchestration.

Creating LTV through Customer-Led Growth

Wednesday, September 21, 10:00 am

Erol Toker, Founder & CEO,; RevOps Contributor, TechCrunch

In this session, Toker will share findings about how long-term customer value (LTV) is driven higher through customer-led growth strategies. Furthermore, he’ll discuss that during a downturn, Sales teams need to think like product managers.

Analytics that Matter

Wednesday, September 21, 11:00 am

Jessica Kao, Sr. Director, Demand Operations at F5

Topic: Not all analytics lead us to the roads we really need. Jessica Kao from F5 Networks will share what metrics that matter when modeling out your go to market to give you the right

The Third Wave: Marketing Technology Innovation Towards 2030

Wednesday, September 21, 4:00 pm

Juan Mendoza, CEO, The Martech Weekly

In this session, Mendoza will share research from TMW on the next movement of innovation in the industry, what he refers to as “the third wave” of marketing technology. Mendoza will take participants through lessons learned from the 90s dot-com boom (the first wave), the late 2000s and the SaaS boom (second wave), and how both will influence the 2020’s and 2030’s of MarTech innovation. The session will look at the intersection of privacy, artificial intelligence, advertising and the role of big tech in how it will shape how we work. The third wave is coming, are you ready for it?

Additionally, Day Two of the OpsStars Conference & Awards, Thursday, September 22, will feature a report on the 2022 Pipeline Performance Benchmarking Study, a joint effort between LeanData, Clearbit, Modern Sales Pros and RevOps Squared.

And, of course, at the close of the conference at 3:00, Evan Liang will return to not only announce the OpsStars Awards winners for 2022, but he’ll also announce the winner of LeanData’s Tesla giveaway!

Check back at the OpsStars site leading up to the event to see the finalized agenda. Or, check out the official survival guide.

And, in the meantime, register now for the 2022 OpsStars Conference & Awards — it’s free!

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