Take My Boss’ Tesla. Please.

If anyone ever says to you, “Take my boss’ Tesla,” there’s definitely a story there. Here’s the 4-1-1.

Every day, LeanData co-founder and CEO Evan Liang drives up to the company’s offices in Santa Clara, California in his well taken care of Tesla. By registering for the OpsStars Conference and signing up for a demo of LeanData or one of OpsStars’ amazing sponsors, you could snap those snazzy wheels right out from under Evan. Make them your own!

You can win Evan’s Tesla!

Well, not his personal Tesla, as much as our LeanData team would enjoy watching him walk to work every morning. Rather, you can win a 3-year lease on a brand new Tesla Model 3, paid in full by your friends at LeanData.

Enter to win Evan’s Tesla

Entering to win Evan’s Tesla is easy. There are actually two different ways to enter.

First, register for free to attend the seventh annual OpsStars Conference & Awards, taking place September 21-22 right alongside Dreamforce 2022, and sign up for a demo from LeanData and/or any one of OpsStars’ amazing sponsors.

The second way to enter is to stop by the LeanData booth at Dreamforce and take a demo of LeanData’s modern revenue orchestration platform.

Cap off your inspiring OpsStars and Dreamforce experience by motoring away in a beautiful new Tesla!

What is OpsStars?

OpsStars is a thriving community of B2B Revenue Operations professionals. Throughout the year, OpsStars brings Ops professionals — Marketing, Sales, Revenue, Sales Development and Customer Success operations — together to advance revenue orchestration. 

A highlight of OpsStars is the annual Conference & Awards. This year marks the seventh anniversary of the event, and it will take place just two blocks away from Dreamforce at The Mint in San Francisco. Registration is free, so make plans to attend and maximize your entire Dreamforce/OpsStars experience.

And, one last thing: It’s not too late to submit the OpsStars of your team for one of the prestigious OpsStars awards. Deadline for submissions is August 14, so chop, chop!

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