FOMO Alert: OpsStars Sessions You Don’t Want to Miss

“A SalesOps Oasis”

“The largest revenue operations industry event of the year”

The OpsStars annual conference has collected some interesting taglines over its eight-year history. However, in all seriousness, this free community event is a unique opportunity to join 2,500+ operations professionals who are facing the same challenges in this tough market.

For one day, September 13th, the San Francisco Mint will be packed with sales, marketing, and operations pros for informative sessions, career-amplifying tips, awards, and of course networking.

Inspired by the 2023 theme, “Activate the Ultimate Revenue Machine,” this year’s OpsStars agenda features ops-focused presentations from the smartest minds in the industry.

With 20+ expert sessions featuring speakers like Jon Miller from Demandbase and Modern Sales Pros’ Pete Kazanjy, there’s something for revenue-focused practitioners and executives alike.

Here’s a preview of a few OpsStars sessions you don’t want to miss:

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Attend Keynotes from LeanData & Salesloft CEOs

The Founder of RevOps, LeanData CEO Evan Liang, will kick off the morning keynote to address the growing challenges of accelerating revenue in B2B organizations. With a background in venture capital, operations, and product management, Evan has a hands-on understanding of the challenges of sales and marketing alignment and today’s often disjointed B2B buyer experience. 

The mid-day keynote features Salesloft CEO David Obrand, a proven SaaS veteran with more than three decades of leadership experience in sales, tech, and operations at companies like Addepar, Yammer, and Salesforce. David’s experiences as an operator and board member for several high-growth companies provide a unique perspective into operations.

Learn From Revenue Leaders at NVIDIA & Snowflake

Recently named one of Time’s 100 Most Influential Companies, NVIDIA is igniting the era of modern AI. Aristomenis Capogeannis and Kelly Goles, key members of NVIDIA’s Revenue Marketing team, will take the OpsStars stage to share their experiences in leveraging AI and data science for revenue play efficiency, scaling, and ROI. 

Two more amazing thought leaders, Travis Henry (2022 OpsStar of the Year) and Hillary Carpio from Snowflake, will share their unique, “One-Team GTM” approach to account-based marketing. Through a combination of account prioritization, digital advertising and highly targeted SDR prospecting, learn how Snowflake experiences 2X to 4X increases in SDR efficiency.

Travis and Hillary will highlight plays and strategies from their recently published book, Busting Silos.

Quote from Christine Leonard, Executive Director of Sales Operations at Amplify

One of the top buzzwords of 2023, it seems like every tech company is adding AI components to their platforms. Two OpsStars sessions will help you separate the AI hype from reality. 

First, Karan Singh, Partner with Sapphire Ventures and Craig Rosenberg, Chief Platform Officer at Scale Venture Partners, will address the topic of generative AI and its impact on sales and go-to-market strategies. Karan and Craig will share their research and findings across the often confusing and complex AI landscape. 

Next, Lesley Renna, Salesloft VP of Value Engineering and Amanda Morrell, Senior Salesforce IT Manager at NCR Corporation will go beyond the headlines to reveal AI’s practical applications in sales.

Improve Your Skills at Career-Boosting Workshops

Ready to upskill your ops knowledge? Both Salesloft and LeanData will host OpsStars workshops tailor-made to boost your operations game. 

First, Jamin Fochtman, Salesloft VP of Revenue Enablement, will lead a workshop to help identify gaps in your revenue process, get ahead of risk, increase team alignment and encourage buy-in across your organization. 

Then, to keep the knowledge sharing going, Bridgette Henderson and Mary Azzopardi, two LeanData Solution Architects, will host a workshop that addresses tech stack optimization versus consolidation. Bridgette and Mary will dive into the issues of smaller inbound volume, reduced selling teams, and why consolidation doesn’t always equate to increased revenue.

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Register for OpsStars Today: It’s Free

If you’re involved in the revenue motion of a business, OpsStars sessions are custom-built for you.

That means whatever challenges you’re facing in your operations role, there’s a solution at the Mint. If you want to know the top trends in revenue or how to further your career forward, OpsStars sessions will have the answers.

Explore the full OpsStars agenda here.

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