Here’s Why Former RingLead Users Switched to LeanData

Thinking about switching from RingLead to LeanData? 

You’re not alone.

Our Sales team frequently talks to RingLead users who are looking for an alternate solution. And, after hundreds (literally) of these conversations, we’ve noticed some common themes.

In this article, we’ll explore the top complaints we’ve heard from former RingLead users and why they made the switch to LeanData. You may be surprised by what they have to say…

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Top Complaints of RingLead Users

#1 The Platform is Overly Complicated & Lacks Key Functionalities

Ringlead was acquired by ZoomInfo in 2021. Subsequently, the Ringlead product was rebranded as “ZoomInfo OperationsOS.” Ringlead historically focused on technical outcomes for data cleansing, not on action. 

One common complaint among former RingLead users revolves around the platform’s user experience. Setting up RingLead proved to be a daunting task for many, with some companies experiencing failure even after multiple attempts by multiple administrators. 

One former RingLead user stated, “We still had to manually check and re-assign all leads. Even after working with an implementation specialist at RingLead for weeks, we were still not able to improve the routing rules.” Rather than relying on RingLead, this user resorted to building custom flows in Salesforce to get their routing to work.

Another former RingLead customer wanted to perform actions such as reference Formula fields in Salesforce, and implement service level agreements (SLA) or a Contact routing strategy. However, they quickly learned that RingLead could either not perform these key functionalities or features were limited.

In general, Admins expressed dissatisfaction with the overall user experience, citing difficulties in navigating the platform and achieving accurate matching. In addition, admins reported challenges integrating RingLead with other key software which then impacted productivity and data flow. 

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#2 Poor Visibility and Accountability

A second issue former RingLead users raise involves the platform’s lack of visibility and accountability. RingLead doesn’t have a comprehensive record of Accounts considered for matching. This leaves users in the dark about the matching process. 

Additionally, there is no capture of the state of a record upon entry. Thus, there’s no way to track changes over time. RingLead offers no historical data on routing rules at the time of routing. 

As a result, a RingLead admin will struggle to answer:

  • Why did this Lead match to Account 1 instead of Account 2?
  • When this Lead was routed, what information was used on it?
  • When this Lead was routed, what rules caused it to route to this sales rep? 

RingLead’s visual flowchart is totally separate from its rule engine. Therefore, any changes require an admin to edit a long if/then logic string. With weak audit logs and no visual routing insights, there are no easy ways to identify and troubleshoot flow errors on the fly.

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#3 Not a Scalable Solution

Scalability is crucial for businesses experiencing growth. Many former RingLead users comment that RingLead is not a scalable solution because it doesn’t offer many options past their basic set up. Users report that their options for customization in RingLead are limited because the routing rules and data management are less flexible.

In fact, one former RingLead user stated, “RingLead’s scalability limitations have become increasingly apparent as our organization grows. LeanData is Salesforce native and can scale infinitely.”

#4 Difficulties with Contract

Some former RingLead users faced difficulties with contractual agreements, specifically having issues with auto-renewal clauses. One former RingLead customer shared that after requesting to terminate their contract, they had no communication from their account manager. 

In addition, former customers reported that RingLead was not flexible with their contract in regards to downgrading seats/licenses. In a down market full of tech layoffs, software vendors will build a stronger relationships if they allow for flexibility in contracts.

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5 Reasons RingLead Users Switch to LeanData

#1 Ease of Set Up

Former RingLead users who switched to LeanData report that LeanData is both easy to set up and easy to change. The LeanData implementation process ranges from a few hours for your simple routing rules to several weeks for detailed definitions and custom work. 

As part of the purchase process, LeanData Account Executives help our customers determine the depth of implementation services they want from our Professional Services team.

One LeanData user stated, “It’s extremely easy to set up and manage, and the territory management feature makes keeping up with territory adjustments/rep transitions a breeze.”

#2 Native to Salesforce

When lead management software isn’t native to Salesforce, customer data will have to leave Salesforce. This increases the chances for data disruption and slower processing speeds. Plus, this scenario creates a step between your marketing automation platform and Salesforce that can slow the Marketing to Sales handoff.

LeanData is native to Salesforce, therefore, customer data stays within the CRM. LeanData is accessed directly from the Salesforce UI.

Molly Young, Sales Operations Partner with Remote, stated, “LeanData has helped me bridge the gap with some of our automations and workflows that previously may have been okay in HubSpot, but will now be more accurate and more visible to stakeholders because it’s 100% Salesforce native.”

a LeanData audit log report

#3 Out-of-the-Box Auditing Capabilities

LeanData’s Audit Logs allow users to see which path an individual lead record took in their lead routing flow as defined in the FlowBuilder graph. These audit logs show the outcomes that went into each decision for sending the record down that specific path. 

Proper auditing will not only uncover lost leads and stop leakages, they can serve as a “command center” for your growth strategy and processes, ensuring that leads never fall into a black hole again.

One G2 reviewer stated, “The auditing side of LeanData really appealed to me. I could see why leads were being routed a certain way and why errors might occur so I could fix them at source.”

#4 SLAs (Service Level Agreements)

Several former RingLead users were drawn to LeanData’s SLA compliance capabilities.

An SLA, or service level agreement, indicates how quickly a sales representative will respond to a particular action. SLAs help enforce a company’s speed-to-lead. For example, a demo request may have a ten-minute SLA assigned to it. This means a sales rep has 10 minutes to respond before the demo is reassigned to another rep. 

SLA compliance can be challenging and time-consuming, especially when performed manually. 

LeanData automates SLA accountability. Ops pros can easily drag and drop nodes into their processes that hold leads from moving forward until very specific conditions are met. This functionality is critical for SLA compliance.

For example, LeanData offers actions like holding a record until its lead status field has been changed or holding a lead in the flow until an SLA time has elapsed, then automatically notifying both the SDR and SDR manager. 

A quote from a LeanData customer giving a five start review of LeanData on G2

#5 Better Customer Support

Standard Support is included with every LeanData subscription. LeanData’s Technical Support Specialists are highly skilled and well versed with our platform. The Technical Support team helps with:

  • Answers to product-related questions
  • Troubleshooting and issue diagnosis
  • Resolutions to issues or confirmed bugs encountered while using the product
  • Guidance and assistance in making minor modifications to existing LeanData configurations

Some LeanData customers opt for Premium Support, our paid subscription service. Premium support includes a dedicated LeanData Consultant who serves as a technical advocate and  single point of contact as an organization’s needs evolve.

A three-time LeanData user stated, “Their team is great to work with. We had our hands held throughout the entire implementation process, and felt like they were personally invested in making sure everything was set up properly.”

Another LeanData customer shared, “If this is the standard for professional services at LeanData, then this org is light years ahead of the average Revtech vendor. Keep it up!”

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Ready to Rip & Replace?

Switching out a key technology like lead-to-account matching and routing is not always an easy decision to make.

But it can be.

When a particular software is no longer serving your business needs, limiting your organization’s ability to scale, and frustrating your employees, it’s time to make a change. 

Our experiences with former RingLead users show that shifting to LeanData not only addresses their complaints, but also provides a more efficient and reliable solution for lead management within Salesforce.

a circle showing the percentage of LeanData users who experience ROI in less than one year

However, the true proof is in the ROI. 

The key metric that sets LeanData apart is the remarkable speed at which its customers achieve a return on investment (ROI). According to G2 ratings, 39 percent of LeanData customers report attaining ROI within a span of six months or less. Additionally, a staggering 74 percent experience positive ROI in less than a year, three months sooner than the closest competitor.

That’s a switch worth making.

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