Ready to Rip and Replace Chili Piper?

If you’re ready to rip and replace Chili Piper, join the club.

We talk to people everyday who want to make the switch. Whether it’s LeanData’s superior matching functionality, our ability to support complex business logic, or simple reliability issues, sometimes Chili Piper just isn’t the right fit.

Here are the top five reasons why people rip and replace Chili Piper to implement LeanData.

a computer programmer pulling a giant chili pepper representing Chili Piper out of their company's tech stack

#1 LeanData’s Superior Lead-to-Account Matching

One of the biggest differentiators between LeanData and Chili Piper is our best-in-class fuzzy matching. Chili Piper relies on exact domain matching.

Without flexible matching options, hot leads can easily be sent to the wrong rep (or nowhere) and create a poor buying experience. 

“The matching isn’t as good as LeanData is on the routing side. We’ve had an issue sending the right prospects to the right people. For example, we want to send more people to AEs, but only specific people in specific accounts and Chili Piper isn’t the best at doing that.”

Marketing Operations Manager, 501-1K Employees Sales Intelligence Software Company

“One issue we currently have with Chili Piper is, someone will book a meeting, but they’ll use an email that’s not in Salesforce. However, there already is an account in Salesforce. The lead will run through Chili Piper router as if they’re a new customer and book them, but they’re not actually a new customer.”

Salesforce Administrator, 201-500 Employees HR Software Company

“The additional functionality we’re really lacking in Chili Piper right now is the account matching and resolving some of our duplicate issues.”

Salesforce Administrator, 51-200 Employees Healthcare Software Development
The six fields that help match leads to accounts in the LeanData SaaS platform

LeanData uses six different fields to fuzzy match, but there’s also room for customization through tiebreakers. 

For example, if a prospect comes to your website and they’re a second or third member of a buying committee in an active deal, LeanData will match that person to the right Opportunity. That prospect will be connected to the right AE’s calendar instead of starting at square one with an SDR.

LeanData’s matching logic is simply more robust. 

Ops Pros say LeanData is better than Chili Piper.

#2 Better Tool for Complex Business Logic

LeanData’s routing rules are highly customizable and have the ability to manage complex routing logic. Our flexibility is a major competitive advantage for companies with sophisticated, multi-layered GTM strategies.

“I know Leandata is way more powerful than Chili Piper just as a tool. When you get into what each system really is, Leandata just has more oversight over Salesforce and over records in general than Chili Piper.”

Senior Revenue Operations Architect, 11-50 Employees Business Systems Consulting

“As our lead and contact routing became more sophisticated in LeanData, we found we were running into more questions and misalignment with meeting routing in Chili Piper. The routing rules couldn’t be matched one-to-one. So it made more sense for us to move to LeanData BookIt. We were also looking to have better alignment, iterate quickly, and make data-driven decisions with the reporting and metrics LeanData provides. ”

Molly Young Former Sales Operations Partner, Remote

“With Chili Piper, the lead routing process is super manual and slow. There’s multiple touch points before a lead is contacted. We just need to be faster. ”

Senior Director of Sales, 201-500 Employees Media Software Development

“With Chili Piper, depending on where the customer is in the life cycle of our product, we need to route them to different teams. We also have different products. We get a lot of instances where someone booked with our success team, and they actually should have gone to our sales team and vice versa. It’s messy and we still have this issue of meetings getting booked with the wrong teams.”

Salesforce Administrator, 201-500 Employees HR Software Company
Woman standing in front of an orange car that has broken down on the freeway.

#3 Reliability

Some former Chili Piper customers report that the platform’s downtime and outages disrupt key top-of-funnel processes.

“One thing that we always run into with Chili Piper is, it just breaks. Everything is set up perfectly, and it’s correct, but, it’ll just break and leads don’t get routed. I want to make sure that we don’t run into that issue moving forward. ”

Senior Manager, Marketing Operations, 201-500 Employees Security Software Company
1 Star review for Chili Piper on G2 review site

“The one thing I have noticed is that stability actually with Chili Piper isn’t great. I don’t know why this happens, but occasionally, I go to send an email and I need to grab my Chili Piper link and it’s just not there. ”

Director, RevOps, 11-50 Employees Business Systems Consulting

“We use queues a lot with Chili Piper to round robin, and we often get complaints that it’s not even. ”

Salesforce Administrator, 201-500 Employees HR Software Company
One Star G2 Review from a Chili Piper Customer

#4 LeanData Routing is Salesforce-Native

In regards to lead routing, Chili Piper is not a Salesforce-native application.

A 100 percent Salesforce-native app keeps your data safe and does not require any custom coding. Additionally, because there is no need for managed connections or for additional user logins, a native app presents a simpler solution. 

When users log into Salesforce, they can immediately receive access to installed native applications. Additionally, training, adoption rates and usage all become easier because users only need to learn one Salesforce interface. 

“I love that LeanData is ingrained in Salesforce because that’s less clicks to go through. I think a lot of times people overlook that, but that’s important to me. ”

Revenue Operations Manager, 11-50 Employees FP&A Software Company

“I see the different ways LeanData can be leveraged versus how Chili Piper can be leveraged just because [LeanData] is native to Salesforce and it’s already connected to routing. ”

Director, Marketing Operations, 501-1K Employees Marketing Cloud Platform

“Our main pain point is we have an interesting flow for lead creation. So, due to syncing issues, it can take anywhere from 30 minutes to six hours for the lead to get to Salesforce. Because of this delay, Chili Piper can’t assign the lead to the correct SDR in real time. ”

Marketing Operations Specialist, 1K-5K Employees Marketing Software Company

All certified native Salesforce apps have a Native App icon listed on their AppExchange product pages. As an example, the image below is from LeanData’s own AppExchange listing:

LeanData listing on the Salesforce AppExchange

#5 More Advanced Reporting & Analytics

Chili Piper does not provide the same level of detail in their audit logs that LeanData provides to enable revenue teams to understand how inbound prospects were routed and assigned, or where an error occurred.

In addition, Chili Piper does not offer out-of-the-box Salesforce-native reporting that makes it easy to analyze and optimize routing flows.

 As a result, operations teams will struggle to answer questions regarding matching accuracy, lead-to-meeting assignments and error identification. Chili Piper does not offer any out-of-the-box Salesforce-native reporting.

“One downside of Chili Piper is its limited reporting capabilities, making it difficult for teams to track and analyze their sales activities.”

David M. (G2 Reviewer), Digital Marketer Education Management

“I think one of our other bigger struggles that we have with Chili Piper is, people are booking through forms, through links in emails, and through an app, and our company struggles knowing where did these people come from? How did they book? ”

Salesforce Administrator, 201-500 Empoyees HR Software Development

“The issue we’re having with Chili Piper is full visibility into testing and seeing where there could be potential errors. For example, when there is employee turnover, the access management team will remove the employee, but this impacts our queues so things misroute quite often. Having visibility into the lead routing would be super helpful. ”

Manager, Process & Systems, 1K-5K Employees HRMS

LeanData’s Audit Logs allow users to see which path an individual lead record took in their lead routing flow as well as scheduled meeting flows.

These audit logs show the outcomes that went into each decision for sending a record down a specific path. 

Man standing on a dock holding a laptop computer waving goodbye to a ship representing Chili Piper

The Best Time to Rip & Replace

Sure, anyone can collect a list of negative reviews of their competitor. After all, every company has a few bad customer experiences under their belt. 

However, the examples we’ve shared represent themes we hear over and over again. 

And sometimes it’s just time to call it quits on a tool that’s no longer working to your advantage: driving revenue, increasing speed to lead, and making processes more efficient.

So whether you’re trying to consolidate overlapping tools or removing a tool that’s not serving your needs, the best time to rip and replace is now.


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