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The Complete Guide to Dreamforce 2022

Even though the official start of summer is still a few weeks away, it’s not too soon to start planning for the first really big event of Autumn, Salesforce’s annual Dreamforce conference. While slated for September 20-22, the next three and a half months of simmering under a hot summer sun will undoubtedly seem to go by quickly in hindsight.

Here’s what you need to know to plan for the biggest Salesforce-centric event of the year.

Image of the Dreamforce logo with character Astro and the SFDC wilderness motif.

What is Dreamforce?

Built upon the principles of sharing and learning, Dreamforce is Salesforce’s annual event bringing together the entire Salesforce community. If you’re part of the Salesforce ecosystem, Dreamforce is your can’t-miss event every single year, where fellow Trailblazers from around the globe congregate en masse to learn from one another by sharing trials, tribulations and successes. And, of course, it’s a tremendous opportunity to network among the vibrant Trailblazer community.  

Since its conception in 2003, Dreamforce has sprouted to be much more than a run-of-the-mill user conference. Today, its agenda is filled with sessions ranging from inspiring keynotes to visionary presentations, from futuristic technology to initiatives designed to change the very fabric of our global society. 

Previous to the COVID-19 pandemic, Dreamforce was its own force of nature, drawing well over 100,000 participants and covering four full, empowering days on-site in Salesforce’s hometown, San Francisco. In response to the pandemic, Dreamforce 2020 was conducted entirely online. Last year, Dreamforce 2021 was convened primarily online, via the newly introduced Salesforce+ streaming platform, save for approximately 1,000 fortunate in-person participants. 

When & Where is Dreamforce?

Dreamforce 2022 is scheduled for September 20-22. Registration has yet to be announced, but you can save the date and sign up to receive Dreamforce notifications directly from Salesforce

Salesforce would love nothing more than to return Dreamforce to its pre-pandemic levels. Ahead of the event, Salesforce is resuming a somewhat normal schedule of events, conducting its World Tour events in London and New York, as well as a Connections event in Chicago, a Tableau conference in Las Vegas and a MuleSoft event in New York. However, those events are much smaller in scope than the Dreamforce events of the past.

There’s been a recent spike in COVID-19 infections, and pandemic-related restrictions are beginning to be recommended in many locales, including communities in northern California. This increasing uncertainty is surely affecting Salesforce’s Dreamforce planning.

There are strong indications emerging from the Salesforce Tower in San Francisco that Dreamforce 2022 will be greatly downsized to reflect both public health concerns and proper corporate stewardship. It appears in-person attendance will be capped this year at approximately 30,000 participants. 

Ensure you sign up for Dreamforce notifications, for tickets are certain to go quickly once they’re formally announced and released. Of course, if you’re unable — or unwilling — to attend in person, you can be assured sessions will stream on Salesforce+.

What’s on the Dreamforce 2022 agenda?

It is way too early to get into particulars about the Dreamforce 2022 agenda, as Salesforce has released nary a word on it. 

However, if past years are any indicator — and you can bet they are — this year’s agenda will include its fair share of the following:

  • Presentations and panel discussions from thought leaders in business, government, public health and more
  • Inspirational keynotes from the world of business, entertainment, sports and more
  • Breaking news about the Salesforce ecosystem
  • New Salesforce product and product feature introductions
  • Interactive sessions with Trailblazers, partner companies and sponsors
  • Big name musical guests
  • Ample time for networking with fellow Trailblazers

Image of OpsStars logo and the save the date notice for the 2022 event.

OpsStars 2022

Once again, in conjunction with Dreamforce, OpsStars will be holding its annual conference alongside Dreamforce. The seventh annual OpsStars conference will take place September 21-22, at The Mint in San Francisco, about two blocks as the crow flies from the Moscone Center, the epicenter of Dreamforce. 

OpsStars, of course, is the only community dedicated to the field of B2B Revenue Operations. Throughout the year, it brings Ops professionals — running the gamut of Marketing, Sales, Revenue, Sales Development and Customer Success operations — together to advance the collective cause.

The OpsStars conference is the place for revenue-focused operations professionals to be during Dreamforce. MOPs, SOPs, CSOPs, RevOps and other practitioners attend OpsStars to learn from relevant sessions, share ideas with colleagues, and accelerate their careers. And, after two years of being held virtually in a concession to the pandemic, this year’s live, in-person event will feature significant networking time.

The annual OpsStars conference is free to attend with registration, so save the date on your calendar now. Check back at www.Ops-Stars.com to discover when registration opens, as well as follow event news and more on both Twitter and LinkedIn.

Other events

Dreamforce doesn’t really end at night. Attendees can definitely expect to be wowed by a big name musical act, and sometimes more than one. Last year, it was Lionel Richie in the morning and The Foo Fighters in the evening. Past years have seen the likes of Metallica, U2, Green Day, Bruno Mars, Tony Bennet and others.

They are full-on shows and leave attendees with quite the memorable experience.

In addition, downtown San Francisco becomes home to a large number of associated events presented by Dreamforce sponsors and others integrated into the Salesforce ecosystem of consultants, independent software vendors (ISVs), systems integrators and more. And, luckily for you, your entry ticket to most all of those events is your Dreamforce credential. 


Your to-do list right now consists of saving the dates of Dreamforce (September 20-22) and OpsStars (September 21-22). If you make your living on revenue teams in the Salesforce ecosystem, these are two must-attend events for you and your colleagues.

At the same time, be sure to follow both Dreamforce and OpsStars on your favorite social media platforms for up-to-date information on registration windows and preliminary agendas.

I look forward to seeing you in San Francisco at the beginning of autumn!

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