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The Top Five Best Alternatives to Calendly in 2022

Automated appointment scheduling software has quickly worked its way into B2B revenue tech stacks. They help teams speed up their meeting scheduling, lower the friction to getting someone on the phone, and have even led to increased sales pipeline. 

However, as revenue teams seek automated scheduling solutions, a great deal of confusion exists in the market. Should you go with Calendly, whose name has become synonymous with meeting scheduling, or do you look at one of the newer tools that’s shaking up the market?

That’s where we can help. We’ve built a list of the five best alternatives to Calendly to consider as you source the best solution for your organization.

Choosing the Best Appointment Scheduling Solution for You

To select the right online scheduling software for your needs, you should first consider how meeting scheduling fits into your overall go-to-market (GTM) strategy. For example, how will interested buyers find their way to the right calendar for the right person at your organization? 

The process in which your customers and contacts go through to schedule a meeting with you is an important part of their buyer journey and will reflect back on your organization’s professionalism, trustworthiness and product — factors directly correlated to their buying decision. However, if you’re allowing unqualified leads to reserve time on your employees’ calendars, it may actually create more inefficiencies than solve. Therefore, it’s important to choose wisely.

And of course, it’s important to compare details like features, user experience, integrations, customer support and price.

Let’s find the best fit for your organization.

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What is Calendly?

Calendly is an appointment scheduling software that lets users communicate their availability while allowing clients, customers, event-goers, prospects and anyone else with the link to book appointments and meetings on their own. 

Calendly Reviews

G2 reviews of Calendly mention the following pros and cons:


  • ease of use
  • simplicity
  • time saving


  • lack of support
  • poor integration capabilities
  • system downtime

What Are the Top Five Best Calendly Alternatives?

If you’re not quite sure if Calendly is the right online scheduling tool for you, there are many alternatives available. After researching more than a dozen appointment scheduling software platforms, we’ve narrowed the best Calendly alternatives down to these five: 

  1. LeanData BookIt
  2. Hubspot Sales
  3. Acuity Scheduling
  4. Zoho Bookings
  5. Microsoft Bookings

LeanData BookIt

#1 LeanData BookIt for Forms

LeanData’s BookIt for Forms does more than simply allow a client, customer or site visitor to book a meeting. Yes, BookIt for Forms solves the inefficiencies of back-and-forth scheduling, but its capabilities far exceed the typical online scheduling software. BookIt for Forms ingests leads from a webform on your website, qualifies the leads, routes based on your logic to the appropriate reps and presents the interested buyers with potential meeting times to schedule on the spot. 

BookIt for Forms is designed to create a frictionless buyer experience, delivering qualified leads to the right reps, while supporting your GTM motions. BookIt for Forms will even prevent unqualified leads from scheduling unnecessary meetings and seamlessly route them to the next best step along the buying journey.  

The BookIt for Forms platform allows for custom meeting types, automated meeting reminders and custom branding options. It works seamlessly with LeanData’s lead-to-account matching and routing tools, but also includes out-of-the box integrations with Pardot, Marketo, Hubspot, Microsoft Outlook Calendar and Google Calendar. While LeanData has an online help center of BookIt User Guides, all BookIt customers receive dedicated account representatives and customer support by email, phone or Zoom meetings.

LeanData BookIt for Forms Reviews

Released in Q2 2022, there are only a few online reviews on LeanData BookIt for Forms, but initial G2 reviews reveal excitement for the product. 

BookIt for Forms customer Alation says, “Meetings could take 24 hours or more to schedule before. BookIt reduces that time so the SDR doesn’t even have to reach out, the prospect just books a meeting instantly.”

Another BookIt for Forms user, Brazen Technologies, says, “BookIt removes the manual step of coordinating schedules, saving our teams’ time. And from a customer perspective, if they really are interested, they want to talk to the right person quickly, so it’s just much more efficient and a win/win for everyone.”

HubSpot Meeting Schecduler.

#2 Hubspot Sales

Hubspot’s Free Meeting Scheduler is a product within the Hubspot CRM platform. This online scheduling tool is located in the Sales tab of the Hubspot dashboard. Users have the ability to create a scheduling landing page where customers can book a meeting, thus reducing the time spent communicating back and forth through email, text or on the phone. 

Hubspot’s Free Meeting Scheduler connects with Google Calendar and Office 365. The calendar landing page is accessed either by sharing a link or embedding the calendar on your website. Meeting settings can be adjusted for time zone, availability, duration and location, and include rescheduling and cancellation links. Users can set up an automated confirmation email and email reminders. 

Upgraded features like custom branding, qualifying questions or having multiple scheduling pages require a paid subscription. Creating calendars for individual employees on your team, a group, or to set up a round robin calendar also requires a paid subscription.

Hubspot Sales Reviews

Reviews for Hubspot’s Free Meeting Scheduler are limited as the scheduling tool is one small component of the CRM. 

G2 reviews that mention Hubspot’s calendar tool present the following pros and cons:


  • ease of use
  • links to Gmail and Google Calendar
  • easy administration


  • must use the Hubspot CRM
  • no calendar adjustments for holidays
  • minimal personalization

Image of Acuity calendering.

#3 Acuity Scheduling

Acuity Scheduling is an online scheduling software that not only books appointments, but also performs common CRM functions such as maintaining a customer database. As with other appointment scheduling software, Acuity aims to eliminate the frustrations and delays that can occur while scheduling meetings, consequently saving time and preventing miscommunication.  

An Acuity calendar is accessed through a scheduling page link. Users also have the option to embed the scheduler into their website either as a full calendar, through a booking button or a booking bar. Scheduling pages can be customized with logos, images and colors to match your branding. 

Meeting options can get very granular, such as the ability to book rooms, upsell a service, or offer coupons and gift cards. Acuity users can create intake forms, collect payments and send email communication. 

Acuity integrates with social media platforms, accounting software, marketing communication software, virtual event platforms and many others. 

Acuity Reviews

Reviews of Acuity on both G2 and YouTube present the following pros and cons:


  • free version
  • ease of use
  • reporting capabilities
  • automated follow up


  • free version doesn’t include more desirable features
  • problematic email functionality
  • email-only customer service 

Zoho Booking product image.

#4 Zoho Bookings

Zoho Bookings is online scheduling software within the Zoho One product suite, but can also be used as a standalone. Zoho Bookings allows users to set their availability so that clients can pick and choose meeting times at their convenience. This tool is especially useful for organizations trying to manage multiple employee calendars as the admin interface displays side-by-side, multi-calendar views. 

Zoho Bookings will schedule different meeting types like calls, classes, and basic appointments, and maintain a customer directory. Appointment reminders can be sent via text or email. In addition to scheduling an appointment, customers can pay for services through a customizable webpage created within the application. 

The admin interface includes reports and analytics on revenue, appointments booked, services offered and staff engagement. This information can provide insights into how your business is functioning. 

The platform integrates with SMS service providers like Twilio, Nexmo, and others as SMS is not a native feature. Zoho Meetings is a built-in function within Zoho Bookings and will facilitate online meetings. While Zoho Bookings has a free trial period, there is no long-term, free subscription level.

Zoho Bookings Reviews

G2 and Capterra reviews of Zoho Bookings present the following pros and cons:


  • ease of use
  • simple to integrate
  • good for users in different time zones


  • does not sync with Google Calendar
  • no lead routing capabilities
  • minimal customization

Calendar from Microsoft Bookings

#5 Microsoft Bookings

Microsoft Bookings is an online scheduling application within the Microsoft 365 suite that allows customers to self-schedule a meeting at a time that is right for them. Bookings is only available through a Microsoft business account and is included in Microsoft 365 Business Standard and Premium subscriptions.

Users can create several meeting types and customize details like location, duration, pricing, availability and buffer times. Meetings can have customized lead times, allowing users to prepare appropriately for specific types of meetings. 

The form that customers complete to set a meeting can be customized and include intake questions. Users have the option to set multiple meeting reminders and set custom intervals between each notification. Reminders can be sent via email or text message. 

Bookings will track analytics like number of meetings set, the estimated revenue associated with the meetings and the number of customers booked.

Microsoft Bookings Reviews

G2 and Capterra reviews of Microsoft Bookings present the following pros and cons:


  • ease of use
  • multiple options for meeting reminders
  • integrates with Outlook


  • difficult initial configuration process
  • limited customization and branding options
  • no settings for recurring appointments

Image of a person icon at the intersection of three different ways to go.

So Which is the Best Calendly Alternative?

If you own a small business and the services you offer are fairly simple, a basic online scheduling tool may be a good fit. However, if your organization has sales teams, assigned territories, round-robin pools, prequalification steps, or if your GTM strategy involves account-based marketing, you will need a more robust solution like LeanData BookIt. 

While self-scheduling sounds like a good idea, your appointment scheduling tool must be smart enough to evaluate the next best step for your buyer — meeting or no meeting. 

Today’s buyers expect instant responses. Today’s sales teams don’t want to waste their time with buyers not ready or able to buy. LeanData BookIt keeps everyone happy.

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