How LeanData BookIt Stacks Up Against The Competition

Whether you’ve heard about LeanData BookIt or not, we get it.

With 450+ different listings on G2, choosing an online appointment scheduling software can be a challenge.

What makes the LeanData BookIt suite of meeting scheduling solutions any different from the competition?

It all comes down to fit, what you’re trying to achieve, and in the current economy, price.

So as you evaluate different vendors, here are some important factors to consider in your decision-making process.

A person comparing logos of LeanData with ChiliPiper, Calendly, Hubspot and Ringlead

What is LeanData BookIt?

The LeanData BookIt suite of online meeting scheduling tools consists of three products: BookIt for Forms, BookIt Handoff, and BookIt Links. 

  • BookIt for Forms enables high-intent prospects to instantly book a meeting with a rep directly from your webforms, without losing any time on back-and-forth emails. Then, with customizable meeting types and a flexible, drag-and-drop flow builder, you can easily qualify, match and assign every prospect meeting to the best rep available.
  • BookIt Handoff allows employees like SDRs, BDRs, and other meeting schedulers to efficiently schedule meetings on behalf of other team members. This includes scheduling groups too. Further, employees schedule meetings directly from Salesforce Lead and Contacts, creating precise, friction-free handoffs.
  • BookIt Links allows employees to instantly share their availability through a personalized scheduling link. This empowers contacts, prospects, and customers to book a meeting right on the spot.

Graphic flowchart showing how LeanData helps with handoffs between marketing, sales, and customer success

What Features are Included in LeanData BookIt?

The features included in the LeanData BookIt suite break down into four categories: matching, assignment, scheduling, and reporting. 

  • Matching: Prospective customers are matched to target accounts, open opportunities, customer accounts, or other records in your CRM so that meetings are booked directly with the right person.
  • Assignment: Customizable routing logic automatically determines the best person with which to schedule. Then, webform fills or prospect handoffs can be assigned based on unique paths of scheduling logic. Additionally, enriched data on prospect records can even be leveraged to improve both assignment accuracy and the buyer experience.
  • Scheduling: Instantly book an available time with the right representative. Send custom email notifications to inform employees when prospective customers book meetings with them or other team members. 
A picture of the LeanData FlowBuilder graph that shows how the software manages matching and routing

What Can LeanData BookIt Do that the Competition Cannot?

LeanData BookIt’s key differentiating features lie in its sophistication, flexibility, matching accuracy and transparency. The competition falls short in these four areas:

#1 Unbeatable Matching

Many of LeanData BookIt’s competitors have none to very limited fuzzy matching capabilities. This makes it difficult for organizations to know exactly how leads or contacts are connecting to accounts within their system. Therefore, without accurate lead-to-account matching, the scheduling tool will lack the context to make the right decisions to book a meeting. 

LeanData fuzzy matching is designed to look beneath the surface and match based on multiple fields beyond just basic email domains. LeanData matching has 95% accuracy where a match exists, even matching records beyond simply accounts or duplicates.

#2 Intelligent Routing Capabilities

LeanData allows organizations to easily assign records according to any distribution model. This includes Round Robin, Territory, Account-based, overlays, and explicit users. Plus, leveraging your unique business logic with complete context, LeanData BookIt automatically ensures that every buyer is connected to the right rep, every time. 

In addition, BookIt Handoff takes this superpower one step further with a unique feature known as Smart Rep Suggestions. Smart suggestions allow operations teams to instantly suggest the right meeting and team members a sales rep should pass a buyer to. The buyer may be an existing customer, a lead matched to an account, or a buyer that meets other target criteria. Regardless, all of this good context can be leveraged to automatically guide your sales reps to efficiently book with the right team member(s).

#3 Flexibility at Your Fingertips

Unlike all other platforms, our no-code, drag-and-drop automation supports any scheduling scenario without requiring rigid lists of if/then logic. 

A graphic flowchart of LeanData Flowbuilder for BookIt for Forms

#4 Optimized with X-Ray Vision

LeanData BookIt offers real time flow metrics. Users can scan flow diagnostics at any node to see successful actions or red alerts for stuck or lost prospects. This ensures that no prospects are stuck at any routing nodes and all reach their most relevant sales reps or destination URLs. 

Plus, LeanData audit logs provide insights into the flow history. This allows users to quickly identify why a prospect followed a specific path based on the routing logic. Additionally, this feature maintains a complete audit trail of all form submissions or assignment suggestions at any point in time. 

A quote bubble quoting Bill O'Connor from Alation describing how his company uses LeanData BookIt

What Company is the Best Fit for LeanData BookIt?

LeanData BookIt is a perfect fit for organizations who use Salesforce as their CRM, and have inbound, outbound, or account-based go-to-market motions.. 

If a prospective customer comes to your website, completes a web form requesting more information like a demo and then waits for a sales rep to reach out, your company may be a good fit for BookIt for Forms. 

LeanData’s BookIt Handoff is especially helpful to companies with sales representatives like SDRs and BDRs who schedule meetings on behalf of other team members like Account Executives.

Last, BookIt Links is useful to really any organization, big or small, focused on time savings and productivity.

How Will LeanData BookIt Benefit Your Team?

Prospective customers want to schedule meetings at a time that works for them. This improves the buying experience, increases the number of meetings booked, increases speed-to-lead, and accelerates the sales cycle. Not to mention, just think of the time your sales reps will save if they spent less time scheduling meetings. This can relieve friction throughout the entire customer journey, making every handoff more efficient.

Additionally, teams and strategies change often. Rigid tools slow down adaptability. LeanData BookIt can handle B2B selling complexity at any scale, while taking every change in stride.

More importantly, according to G2 reviews, LeanData has the fastest ROI out of the competition. Thirty-nine percent of LeanData customers report attaining ROI within a span of six months or less. Additionally, a staggering 74 percent experience positive ROI in less than a year, three months sooner than the closest competitor.

A horizontal bar graph that compares the time to ROI for LeanData, ChiliPiper and ZoomInfo

Curious what LeanData BookIt costs? Head over to our pricing page, or schedule a demo with a LeanData team member today. We use BookIt too!

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