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Your leads deserve to be always matched and routed to the right rep.
Stop settling for restrictive workflows, confusing round robins and terrible customer support.

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We agree: lead routing shouldn’t be your full time job.

LeanData automates any and all go-to-market processes, so you can focus on strategy full-time. Be it basic lead management, speed to lead, account-based, opportunity-based, or post sales — the (revenue) world is your oyster.


A cheaper solution is a waste of money if it doesn’t work.
Check out our always-accurate matching and routing solution that helps you see ROI in less than 6 months.

  • 95% match accuracy for any object
  • +50% new pipeline


Eliminate complaints about wrongly scheduled meetings OR meetings that don’t happen at all. Explore sophisticated scheduling that creates results.

  • Up to 80% form to meeting conversion rate
  • 20% time saved by each sales rep from meeting troubleshooting

Workflows that scale with you.

Simple workflows are nothing to brag about if that’s all you can do. With LeanData, our matching, routing, SLAs, and integrations are easily scalable as your organization grows.


95% Matching Accuracy

LeanData uses 6 fields to ensure that every Salesforce object is matched to the right record. Chili Piper uses domain-only matching, which often results in missed matches and incorrectly routed leads.

One issue we currently have with Chili Piper is, someone will book a meeting, but they’ll use an email that’s not in Salesforce. However, there already is an account in Salesforce. The lead will run through Chili Piper router as if they’re a new customer and book them, but they’re not actually a new customer.

Verified Chili Piper User Salesforce Administrator, Mid Market
Connect signals to relevant data


Go Beyond Yes/No Logic

With LeanData, you can assign multiple outcomes and actions at every stage. Distro limits you to 2 outcomes for every decision-making process, making very simple logic overly complex.

We also were using Chili Piper which lives outside of SFDC, and that was challenging at times with troubleshooting and building new flows. We didn’t really have a lot of routing and matching automation in place that could do some of the nuanced things that LeanData and BookIt do for us now.

Nicole L Salesforce Administrator, Mid-Market


Automatically Update Your CRM

LeanData helps you efficiently manage your CRM data throughout the customer journey. Distro does not provide flexibility for updating records, merging duplicates or creating new records.

[With Chili Piper] it was very manual. Our BDRs were probably spending eight hours a week just converting leads, looking up accounts and creating new records in Salesforce.

Nicole Looker CRM Platform Manager, Rebuy

Put Your Flows to Work

Say goodbye to broken revenue funnels and poor customer experiences.

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No API limit or CRM integration issues

LeanData lives within Salesforce, which means you no longer have to worry about API call limitations or CRM integration issues.

Flexible Routing Scenarios

LeanData allows customers to assign records to any user, according to any distribution model (Round Robin, Territory, Account-based, Overlays, Explicit Users).

Easy, Drag and Drop UI

LeanData’s drag and drop Flowbuilder helps you easily configure your flows according to any logic with no code or list-based rules needed.

Full Visibility

LeanData provides detailed audit logs, dashboards and reports that make it easy to optimize flows, triage errors and measure outcomes.

Quick Set-Up

Leverage features like Templates, Snippets and Graph Organizer to get started with ease.

We’ll worry about set-up,
so you can focus on revenue

LeanData provides implementation services, so the workflows of your dreams can be built out without having to deal with self-service set up or poor onboarding.

LeanData is easily one of my favorite tools in our tech stack. The product is easy to understand, the implementation process was incredibly smooth, and we have had the best experiences with the support team since launching.

Melissa F Mid-Market LeanData User

The customer support provided by LeanData is excellent. I always get a response within an hour, and the majority of my issues have been fixed in just one or two emails. The implementation is very easy as well. The implementation experts take clients through each step, and can build the router for you, or walk through while you do the building.

Stacy O Salesforce Consultant

Most of all, LeanData’s implementation team is top notch, probably the most consistent, reliable, and thorough coordination I’ve ever experienced in my career.

Courtney H Enterprise LeanData User

Intuitive meeting scheduling that
always goes to the right rep.

Sophisticated and accurate scheduling designed to power all of your revenue scheduling needs.

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Accurate Meeting Assignments

LeanData BookIt’s scheduling is built on top of our best-in-class fuzzy matching, ensuring that every meeting gets to the right rep. Customers have complained about meetings incorrectly assigned on Chili Piper.

I did this review about a year ago and marked them a 6 out 10. I’m dropping this down to a 1 because we’ve not been able to get it to work and the effort we’ve put in has been big. We still have significant routing problems that we’ve not been able to fix with Chili Piper, to the point if it was my call I would drop it.

Verified Chili Piper User via G2 Mid Market


Use Any Form Builder

LeanData BookIt is form-agnostic, which means you can use any form builder you like. Some examples of what we work with: Marketo, Hubspot, Pardot, Typeform (and literally anything else under the sun).


Sophistication Like Never Before

BookIt helps you qualify and prioritize hot leads for your revenue team, based on any unique business case. ChiliCal only allows for one router to be tied to each webform, so your options are limited.

[LeanData’s] opened up a whole world of data that we can use to make sure we’re getting people to the right team at the right time and even adjusting our messaging based off of data that’s already in Salesforce.

Zachary Dammann Sr. RevOps Analyst, Lattice


Embrace Smart Handoffs

LeanData automatically suggests the right person to hand meetings off to, based on your unique business logic. Chili Piper requires you to designate a pool of reps for every assignment scenario.

We started out with Chili Piper…before changing to BookIt Handoff. With the prior platforms, we could book meetings, but it was a one-dimensional approach. We did not have the visibility or flexibility we have now.

Frank Quartararo Sr. Mgr of Inbound Sales Development, Remote Technologies

Powerful routing. Top-notch support. All in one platform.

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Flexible plans and pricing based on your needs.

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Sales Engagement Integrations: Salesloft, Outreach,, Groove icon icon
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