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Bitrise Revs Up Lead Routing and Meeting Scheduling with LeanData

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A geographically dispersed operations team at Bitrise struggled to manage lead routing and scheduling in two different platforms. LeanData’s user-friendly interface and centralized platform offered a clear solution.

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Rachel Ashton, Head of Marketing Operations


Revenue Orchestration

LeanData Orchestration

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54% Conversion Rate

For meetings booked through BookIt for Forms

Speed to Lead

1 hour SLA implemented for webform conversions

Ops Time Saved

One centralized platform eliminates the need for managing updates in multiple systems

Bitrise, a leading provider of mobile DevOps solutions, faced a common challenge – a geographically dispersed operations team managing a complex tech stack to ensure 24/7 coverage. This meant everyone needed to understand lead routing logic and quickly troubleshoot issues. Their previous solutions for routing and scheduling, fell short.

The Struggle: Wrestling with Inefficiency

Rachel Ashton, Bitrise’s Head of Marketing Operations, describes the initial hurdles: “Our routing solution lacked a visual component, making it difficult to understand the routing logic and pinpoint issues. Making changes was a constant struggle.” Scheduling presented similar challenges. “Meeting scheduling,” Rachel explains, “was a separate system with its own set of rules. Updating logic in multiple places was exhausting.”

LeanData: Consolidation and Clarity

Seeking a more user-friendly and centralized solution, Bitrise turned to LeanData. The benefits were immediately clear. “LeanData’s visual interface allows everyone to understand routing logic,” says Rachel. “Troubleshooting is simple and straightforward, and the learning curve is minimal. The best part is we are using one tool to solve two problems.” 

Smoothing the Transition: LeanData’s Proactive Support

The transition from two tools to LeanData was remarkably smooth. Rachel credits LeanData’s professional services team for their exceptional support. “They truly held our hand throughout the entire process,” she explains. “During our implementation sessions, our consultant identified logic improvements that I wouldn’t have considered on my own. Having that expertise readily available was invaluable.”

BookIt: Streamlining Scheduling and Saving Time

Replacing the previous solution on the demo form with BookIt for Forms offered a powerful consolidation advantage. “One of the biggest benefits is that BookIt leverages native Salesforce data,” Rachel highlights. “It eliminates the need for any additional maintenance in a separate system, saving us time and money.”

The results speak for themselves. Bitrise boasts a 54% conversion rate for meetings booked through BookIt for Forms. This not only reduces administrative burden on sales reps but also ensures leads that don’t book a meeting are promptly responded to with a 1-hour SLA in place.

If an SLA is missed, LeanData automatically alerts Rachel’s team and sales managers via Slack, prompting immediate action. “Now, we have clear metrics on how reps are managing their leads, and they’re able to prioritize the right ones.” Rachel explains.

Beyond Routing: A Suite of Advantages

LeanData’s impact extends far beyond routing and scheduling. When a sales rep leaves or account ownership changes, rerouting leads is quick and easy.  

“The Audit Logs are fantastic,” Rachel adds. “If a lead doesn’t reach the right rep, I can pinpoint the exact reason, ensuring smooth communication with the sales team.”

Account-based marketing (ABM) also benefits from LeanData. “Leads from the same account are consistently routed to the right person, even if ownership hasn’t been established yet,” Rachel explains. “This keeps our database clean and our salespeople happy.”

A Winning Partnership

Bitrise’s experience with LeanData exemplifies the power of a centralized, user-friendly solution. From streamlined routing and scheduling to clear audit logs, LeanData empowers operations teams to optimize lead management across any go-to-market motion, with the agility needed to adapt to evolving needs. As Rachel concludes, “LeanData has allowed us to implement SLAs, prioritize leads effectively, and gain valuable insights into our sales process. It’s a true win-win.”

About Bitrise

Bitrise is a mobile DevOps platform build around industry-leading mobile CI/CD and DevOps tooling. Bitrise ensures confidence, velocity, and continuous improvement across the entire cycle of app value creation, delivery, and realization.

Founded by mobile developers, Bitrise is trusted by more than 6,000 mobile product organizations worldwide, including Rakuten, WISE, Bose, Virgin Mobile, Grindr, Compass, Mozilla, Philips Hue, and Marks & Spencer. Bitrise now counts 200+ people across continents, and has raised close to $100M in funding to date from investors like Insights Partners, Partech, Y Combinator, and more.

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