Intelligent Lead Delivery

Assign every lead with precision, even if you have dirty data.

LeanData intelligently delivers records
to the right reps.

Okay. Your CRM is polluted,
but don’t let that impact conversion rates.

Regardless of your existing data hygiene and assignment complexity, assign and alert the right reps to their leads, complete with accurate and relevant data.

Capture, filter, and consolidate
valuable buyer signals

  • Identify duplicates
  • Match relevant records
  • Eliminate reliance on developers or IT

Prevent junk or low priority leads from
wasting anybody’s time.

Accelerate qualification
and distribution

  • Trigger and prioritize routing with flexibility
  • Enrich with preferred data providers
  • Use related records in decisions and updates
  • Mid-process decision making

Easily distribute leads in that unique fashion that improves your conversion rates.

Engage quickly with relevant, complete, and accurate information

  • Auto-alerts through preferred channels
  • Automated SLA enforcement
  • Audit logs and reporting
  • Play integrations that utilize all lead context
  • Flexible integrations for rev tech stack scalability

Take every buyer on a compelling journey.

Modern revenue orchestration for today’s growth leaders

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