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Lead-to-Account Matching


Leads and Campaign Members are disconnected from accounts. This can lead to lack of context for the sales team and the need to spend additional time researching and triaging. LeanData’s best-in-class Matching software builds the best lead-to-account and data connections.

Industry-leading Matching algorithm

Match leads to accounts with the industry’s best fuzzy matching algorithm.

We have relied on LeanData to do matching, and in [one year] we noted an incorrect match three times. Only three.

Danita Fleck

Matching gives your sales and marketing teams a holistic account view and arms them with the context needed to accelerate revenue.


Customizable tiebreaks

Define your own match rules for the most accurate match across each LeanData product.

We couldn’t scale our business without LeanData. It’s really that simple. LeanData just makes sure everything gets to the right place.

Cindy Hancock

Ensure multiple account matches, complex parent-child account hierarchies and duplicate accounts are handled the way your business prefers.

Enhance leads with account data

No leads left behind.

We finally can see the connection of leads to their accounts in SFDC. That improved visibility has helped in identifying new sales targets, avoiding mistakes with existing (ones), as well as seeing where is marketing connecting with our lead database.

Brennan McAdams

Augment leads with matched account information such as industry or revenue. Leverage account fields to segment and personalize marketing campaigns.


Unlike other matching solutions, LeanData looks beyond just email domain-based matching and analyzes multiple data points to ensure the highest-fidelity account match. Matching results are always updated in real-time and your data remains completely native in Salesforce.

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