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Mike’s Story: Automating Complex Sales Processes

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Mike Schnell, a Sr. Marketing Ops Manager, describes how LeanData makes complex sales processes easy to manage in Salesforce. By allowing him to put everything into one platform and manage it all one place, along with Audit Logs to see the details and understand exactly what’s happening at any point in the process, it makes his life easier.

Mike describes how the post-webinar flow used to be a manual process and frustrating for Ops and Sales. Sales would wait for the list to know who attended or didn’t and determine which Sales Engagement email template to send to them. With LeanData in place, the process is now completely automated and looks like this:

  • Using the Salesforce Campaign Member Status field, LeanData:

    • Adds the contact to the correct Sales Engagement Cadence
    • Email is sent automatically

Before LeanData, it would take multiple days before the email was sent and now it happens the same day as the webinar.

San Francisco, CA
Interview With
Mike Schnell, Sr. Marketing Operations Manager


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