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New Relic Maximizes PLG and SLG Motions with LeanData

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As an early LeanData customer, Hanné Venables, Senior Director of Growth Operations at New Relic, has used LeanData at four different companies. Knowing the limitations of Salesforce’s out-of-the-box functionality, Venables considers LeanData a staple in her tech stack. Today, Venables uses LeanData to support New Relic’s product-led growth strategies and account-based marketing motions. LeanData plays a key role in revenue automation and helping New Relic scale.

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Hanné Venables, Senior Director of Growth Operations


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LeanData Matching

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Ability to route leads, contacts and accounts to complex, global Sales teams.

Increased agility as go-to-market strategies change.

More innovative within their Salesforce ecosystem.


New Relic is an all-in-one observability platform that helps companies understand application performance across their entire tech stack. New Relic’s products trace dependencies, detect anomalies, reduce latency,  and squash errors to optimize customer experience. 

New Relic’s business model incorporates product-led growth as well as account-based motions. They offer several subscription levels including free-tier accounts, paid self-serve accounts and paid enterprise-level accounts. To serve these various customers, New Relic has an extensive Sales organization of inside sales reps (ISR), account executives (AE), and customer advocates. New Relic uses LeanData to support the various go-to-market motions by intelligently routing leads, contacts and accounts to every team in the Sales organization. 

Supporting a Product-Led Growth Motion

When a user with a free-tier plan reaches their usage limit, it becomes a product-qualified lead (PQL) that gets routed to an ISR, actioning a revenue play to convert the customer from free-tier to paid.

In another use case, when an existing customer performs certain behaviors with the New Relic product that may indicate an opportunity for growth, those become product-qualified accounts (PQA) that get routed to the AE with an alert to reach out to that customer.

To audit and improve follow-up, New Relic uses LeanData’s Time to Action Tracker, providing insights into service level agreements (SLA).


Increased Automation and Agility

Venables has found that as she automates more go-to-market plays with LeanData, New Relic Sales reps are able to act on data signals more quickly, saving time on research. And, with constant changes in processes, strategy, and product-qualified signals, LeanData allows New Relic to be agile in routing not only leads and contacts but also accounts, cases, and even custom objects to a global Sales team. 


About New Relic

New Relic (NYSE: NEWR) is an all-in-one observability platform that helps companies understand application performance across their entire tech stack. Using New Relic products and services, their 15,000+ customers query 2.4 trillion data points per minute. More than 160 billion web requests are served each day by New Relic’s telemetry data platform (NRDB). New Relic integrates with 470+ platforms including

Kubernetes, Docker, Serverless, as well as AWS, Azure, and GCP services. Founded in 2008 by Lew Cirne, New Relic went public in 2014 and currently employs 2,200 people across 18 global offices.

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