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How LeanData Acts as the Foundation of Spekit’s Integrated Tech Stack

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Laura Wheeler, VP of RevOps and Enablement at Spekit wanted the ability to ensure that leads being routed to the sales team were equitable and creating equal opportunities for sales reps. With LeanData, not only does she feel confident this is in place, she’s also able to update a change routing rules in an instant. It has reduced human error and given her time back to focus on strategic projects.
Denver, CO
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Laura Wheeler, VP of RevOps & Enablement

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At Spekit, we envision a world where learning happens naturally in the flow of work — with knowledge that is contextual, personalized, and instantly accessible so you are empowered to achieve your goals. Where you can maximize the minutes of your life. Where learning at work is as easy, joyful, and instantly gratifying as it is in our personal lives. This is the future we’re building at Spekit. Learn more at


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  • Gain better visibility and control over your process