Accelerate Speed to Lead With Advanced Scheduling Features

When it comes to meeting scheduling tools, there’s a wide range of simple calendaring links on one end and powerful advanced scheduling features on the other end. 

Which one are you looking for?

Because if speed to lead is a priority, it has never been more important than now, in this new era of B2B buying. You often get just one opportunity to make it right. If you swing and miss, or even worse yet, never step up to the plate, you just might lose an opportunity to your competitors.

A baseball batter takes a swing at a pitched ball.

Many B2B revenue teams are
seeing inbound motions flail in comparison to quarters and years previous. Seemingly everywhere, marketers and sellers are asking, “Where has all the inbound gone?”

Inbound sales pipeline is still there for the asking. It just looks a lot different than it did just a couple of years ago. And, it’s been changed, forever so, by today’s new B2B buyers.

New Buying Journeys Result in a Delayed Inbound

Reduced inbound pipeline is just another proof point that B2B buying journeys have changed. According to TrustRadius’ 2022 B2B Buying Disconnect report, virtually every B2B buyer wants to self-serve at least part of their buying journey. More importantly, B2B buyers are choosing to engage less often with sellers — since 2011, vendor sales reps have fallen out of the top five resources used by buyers.

What that means is B2B buyers are avoiding triggering inbound motions for as long as they can, particularly during the Awareness, Education and Consideration phases of the buying journey. That’s the bad news for revenue teams and their inbound motions.

The good news is when B2B buyers do trigger inbound motions, they are most often in the Purchase phase of their journeys, and their engagement is a strong buying signal. The question is, “Is your revenue team ready to respond when the time comes?”

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Advanced Scheduling Features Optimize Speed to Lead

Automated business meeting scheduling solutions are one of the best tools to boost the speed to lead inbound marketing game. They eliminates\ the time-consuming and enthusiasm-sapping back-and-forth correspondence experienced by customers just to set an initial meeting.

Automated scheduling solutions allow prospective customers to immediately book a meeting on their terms, with their desired availability. BookIt, LeanData’s suite of automated business meeting scheduling solutions, has been redefining the art of the possible in the category. 

The BookIt Meetings Metrics Dashboard places all critical meeting scheduling performance metrics in one convenient place. Critical to optimizing scheduling strategy and execution, administrators are fully empowered to:

  • View metrics across any specified timeframe
  • Analyze form-to-meeting conversion funnel statistics
  • Assess meeting distribution across team members
  • Export data for deeper analysis and reporting
view of the LeanData meeting metrics dashboard with advanced scheduling features

BookIt has also offers Group Booking, a feature that allows the creation of group meetings using BookIt’s existing Schedule nodes. This capability accelerates sales cycles and boosts sales rep productivity by eliminating the scheduling quagmire that results from the manual, back-and-forth processes too often required to schedule a group call.

Customer Expectations Require GTM Optimization

B2B buyers expect the same world-class shopping experiences they’ve been enjoying in their B2C journey for years. For B2B marketers and sellers, that means not only providing information for self-paced buying journeys, but also being immediately responsive when the time comes. 

Automated business meeting solutions like BookIt change the game entirely from the customer perspective. Now, customers are empowered to book appointment times immediately, on their terms and around their desired availability. Essentially, lead response times become instant, and there’s no better speed to lead than immediate!

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