A LeanData Customer Experience with BookIt Handoff, Straight From the Source

The LeanData team recently sat down with Frank Quartararo, Global Manager of Inbound Sales Development, and Molly Young, Sales Operations Partner at Remote, a global HR platform for modern distributed businesses. They shared their experience with LeanData’s automated meeting scheduling tool BookIt Handoff.

HR company called Remote and its logo as well as two employees

Can you share some details on Remote’s inbound motion?

Frank: “Remote has three major avenues for prospects coming in: web forms, a chatbot, and live email interactions with our SDRs. First, we qualify the individual and create an opportunity in Salesforce based on specific parameters. We then book meetings with Remote’s Global Specialist AEs using BookIt Handoff. On average, we’re scheduling between 400 and 500 meetings every month.”

What technologies were you using before implementing BookIt Handoff?

Frank: “We’ve been through two other meeting scheduling platforms. We started out with Chili Piper and then transitioned to Outreach for a short period before changing to BookIt Handoff. With the prior platforms, we could book meetings, but it was a one-dimensional approach. We did not have the visibility or flexibility we have now.” 

What expanded functionalities do you have now with BookIt Handoff?

Frank: “I’m super excited as we dive deeper into BookIt Handoff’s functionalities. We’re most excited to now have that visibility with reports and dashboards. We have the ability to link other platforms together. So it’s truly synchronized across all of our platforms, which reduces the additional steps that the SDRs have to do in order to accomplish their sales motion. And, with some of the new enhancements, I see we’re moving even closer to the goal line.” 

What impact has BookIt Handoff had on Sales Leadership?

Frank: “A major pain point was the distribution of opportunities to our closing reps. We basically had been going about this blind.  I love that now when sales managers approach me with questions about meeting distribution across their teams, I can answer quickly and have the data to back it up. Whereas prior to using Handoff, it would take up a large portion of my day which was frustrating. So, from a sanity standpoint, thank you very much, because now everything there is available for everyone to see and the number of calls from managers complaining have decreased significantly.”

Can you describe the additional visibility you now have into meeting distribution?

Frank: “The routing logic is great. We know there are a lot of variables that can dictate routing so the tool really enables my team. If a particular sales rep is down a few opportunities, I can adjust and make sure the next meeting goes to that rep. LeanData enables me to be both hands-on as well as leaning into logic for automation.”

A graphic representation of LeanData BookIt Handoff auditing capabilities

What impact has BookIt Handoff had on the SDRs? 

Frank: “Overall it’s a better experience to have one tool to manage this workflow. I know that the easier the workflow is for an SDR, the more efficient they will be over the course of the day. BookIt is a familiar environment for them when they receive a meeting and when they book meetings, which increases their confidence, which then increases efficiency and accuracy. So the easier the better around the technology stack, and this is just another motion that makes sense to consolidate.” 

How has BookIt Handoff saved time for your Sales Operations team?

Molly: “Moving to one tool for scheduling meetings has given us better analytics and customization. I can actually build out the same routing logic for contacts, leads and meetings all in one platform.”

How has your experience with LeanData built trust within your teams?

Molly: “I probably could have spent more time learning why Chili Piper wasn’t working for us, but it was broken. Once trust is lost in a tool, there’s a potential for the sales reps to not use the tool and we lose adoption. Then that develops into a lack of trust with the operations team. With LeanData, I feel more confident. We know that our logic is solid and we’re giving our team members an equal number at bats. And for Frank, people are trusting him more, so it helps our relationships even outside of LeanData.”

What has your experience been working with LeanData?

Molly: “It’s a unique experience to really feel like your product or feature request has been heard and actually implemented, let alone work with the LeanData team on how you want it to work. It’s pretty sweet.”

Frank: “The communication has been top notch with the entire team. The response time is amazing. When you’re producing 400 to 500 meetings every month, every hour counts. I feel confident that I could go directly to LeanData with an issue and know that it will be solved. That’s a confidence level that I have not received from other tech vendors in the past.”

LeanData Solutions Consultant, Aaron Schreiber, makes scheduling magic happen so you’ll never have to waste time looking for the right person to book a meeting with again.

What is LeanData BookIt?

LeanData BookIt is a suite of online meeting scheduling tools consisting of two primary products: BookIt for Forms and BookIt Handoff. 

BookIt for Forms is a prospect-driven webform fill that enables prospects, customers, candidates, and any colleague to easily book time on your employees’ calendars with a click of a link, without losing time on back-and-forth emails. 

BookIt Handoff allows employees like SDRs, BDRs, and other meeting schedulers to efficiently schedule meetings on behalf of other team members, including groups, directly from Salesforce Lead and Contacts, creating precise, friction-free handoffs. 

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