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BookIt for Forms: Automated Scheduling Software for the Win/Win

Today’s B2B buyers are decidedly digital-first. We know this. Post-pandemic studies show that the majority of B2B buyers are well into the Consideration phase of their buying journeys before they reach out to a company and its representatives.

Prospective buyers want quick, friction-free buying journeys on their own timelines, just like they’ve grown accustomed to with their B2C buying experiences. When they arrive at a company’s website, they are ready to engage, and they want — they expect — to engage immediately.

However, despite B2B providers knowing the importance of speed to lead, they are too often stuck in an old-school revenue orchestration model, one burdened with manual engagement and coordination. It causes inbound prospects to wait and consider competitors or other priorities. It slows down buyer engagement, hurts the overall buyer experience, and ultimately reduces sales productivity.

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The impetus is upon B2B providers to create compelling inbound experiences by immediately operating with speed, precision and relevance for each buyer. An integral part of that required inbound buying experience is being facilitated by automated scheduling software solutions. 

What is scheduling software?

Scheduling software automates certain scheduling processes such as work schedule management, employee communication and time tracking. Either cloud-based or as a local application, scheduling software helps businesses operate more quickly and more efficiently.

Perhaps most importantly though, the best scheduling software allows prospective buyers and customers to better control their own buying journeys. Prospects and buyers are empowered to instantly select meeting dates and times that best fit their needs, accelerating the buying journeys at their desired pace.

Scheduling software is not calendaring software, the most commonly used of which include Google Calendar, Office Calendar and Apple Calendar (previously known as iCal). Rather, scheduling software enhances the value of existing calendaring software.

With scheduling software automation delivering benefits to both the organization and its customers, it has risen to become a relative no-brainer for inclusion into the modern RevTech stack.

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Introducing BookIt for Forms by LeanData

Beginning with its general availability release on May 16, BookIt for Forms by LeanData enables revenue teams to instantly qualify and secure meetings with inbound prospects. By matching each form submission with the right owner in a company’s Salesforce instance, prospects can immediately schedule a meeting with the best rep for their needs.

BookIt for Form’s out-of-the box integrations with Pardot, Marketo, Hubspot, Microsoft Outlook Calendar & Google Calendar empowers its users to handle B2B selling complexity at any scale. Like LeanData’s other industry-leading solutions — Lead-to-Account Matching, Routing and Engagement Analytics — BookIt for Form’s no-code, drag-and-drop FlowBuilder interface allows administrators to immediately activate inbound plays with ease.

How BookIt for Forms works for your prospects

Once prospects hit your appropriate landing page, they simply fill out your webform. The prospect’s submitted information is then matched by LeanData to your existing CRM data, and, based on your determined go-to-market logic, the calendar for the correct representative to respond is immediately presented to your prospect.

From there, prospects then book the appointment date and time that best fits their schedule. Easy, peasy.

Upon confirmation, prospects get sent to a custom page of your design, and a confirmation email is sent to their Inbox.

All that’s left for prospects to meet with your reps and get blown away by your value-added solutions for their most pressing needs!

BookIt product image of a weekly calendars, metaphorically connecting a prospect with a company representative.

How BookIt for Forms works for your revenue team

For revenue team RevTech admins, using BookIt for Forms is also very easy — it is a 100 percent no-code, automated solution.

After deciding upon the scheduling logic, including the different types of meetings and the representatives that should facilitate them, admins simply use LeanData’s FlowBuilder drag-and-drop interface to build out the process.

Any subsequent changes are easily deployed by dragging and dropping nodes where they need to be. Admins can make adjustments to the process flow at the speed of business for any growth play and assignment model. 

Additionally, BookIt for Forms accommodates customized webform experiences, using a company’s own logo and color palette. Furthermore, BookIt for Forms allows for custom text, allowing brands to maintain control over their messaging tone and voice.

Turn buyer signals into buying decision with BookIt for Forms

The era of B2B buyer empowerment is here to stay. There’s no going back and therefore, there should be no continuation of tired, out-of-date, old-school revenue orchestration.

Today’s buyers expect instant responses, and with RevTech solutions like BookIt for Forms automated scheduling, there’s no good reason not to be immediately responsive. 

If you snooze, you literally lose — customers to your competitors, revenue, cash flow and, ultimately, valuation. Find space in your stack today for scheduling software that automatically qualifies prospects and schedules meetings, all on a prospect’s own terms. 

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