17 LeanData Integrations You Didn’t Know You Could Do

No single tech tool can possibly do everything you need, BUT you can easily create powerful go-to-market plays through LeanData integrations

A winning tech stack contains a set of products that work well together. Not to mention, integrations free your organization from getting locked into one solution.

Maybe you didn’t know that when it comes to tools for data enrichment, deduping, sales intelligence, or automated alerts, LeanData is platform-agnostic.

Our superpower is serving as the quarterback of your tech stack.

We connect signals with plays that move Leads, Contacts, Accounts, Campaign Members, Opportunities, and more, through the customer journey.

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Here are 17 LeanData integrations that will make your tech stack more efficient and flexible:

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6sense Gong Engage Salesforce Sales Engagement
Clearbit Groove Salesloft
Cloudingo Kronologic Sendoso
Cognism Microsoft Teams Slack
Crossbeam Outreach UserGems
G2 Qualified

1. 6sense Integration

geographic shapes in a flow chart representing the LeanData-6sense integration

Used by our very own RevOps team, integrating 6sense with LeanData will transform how you handle account insights and engagement.

6sense identifies in-market accounts and enables revenue teams to prioritize Leads. 6sense signals LeanData to update the Leads with contextual data and quickly routes them to the appropriate reps. Sales reps can then engage with these hot Leads with immediate, relevant, and meaningful outreach.

Check out these customer success stories with the LeanData-6sense integration.

“The LeanData and 6sense integration allows us to identify accounts that are most likely to buy and route them to the right sales rep with all the information they need to follow up quickly. It’s like a silver platter!”

– Nick Lansberry, Go-to-Market Operations Manager at Expedient

2. Clearbit Integration

Clearbit is a data enrichment provider and lead scoring tool on a mission to deliver the best B2B datasets to B2B sellers. LeanData’s Clearbit integration drives faster speed-to-lead and better sales efficiency by automatically routing Salesforce records to the right rep as soon as they are enriched.

3. Cloudingo Integration 

Graphic images from the LeanData FlowBuilder that show the LeanData-Cloudingo integration

Cloudingo is the only deduplication solution that directly partners with LeanData. The LeanData-Cloudingo integration allows users to proactively dedupe in real time as accounts are being routed. 

“The Cloudingo-LeanData integration ensures precision in lead routing, eliminating data inaccuracies and manual errors. This not only accelerates deal cycles, giving your sales and revenue teams a competitive edge, but also enhances the overall customer experience.” – Olivia Yarrow, Director of Marketing, Cloudingo

4. Cognism Integration

Graphic shapes in the LeanData FlowBuilder to represent the LeanData-Cognism integration

Cognism’s powerful data and intelligence tools, when combined with LeanData, offer a new level of insight into lead generation and account-based marketing.

“Cognism and LeanData are best in class solutions that pair incredibly well. Together, they are the perfect combination for pipeline acceleration. Today, more than ever before, it is paramount to act quickly on buyer insights and use automations to get the right data in the right hands, before your competitors . The partnership of Cognism and LeanData is built and will continually evolve with ‘speed to lead’ in mind.”Michael Petery, Global Head of Partnerships, Cognism

5. Crossbeam Integration

Crossbeam is a partner ecosystem platform that acts as an escrow service for data, allowing companies to find overlapping customers and prospects with their partners.

As part of our go-to-market motions, LeanData uses the Crossbeam integration node within our revenue orchestration platform. So whether at the account level or the opportunity level in Salesforce, LeanData automation looks at an open opportunity, identifies partner relationships, creates a task in Salesforce for the sales rep to initiate collaboration, and sends a Slack notification to the sales rep that includes partner context and next steps. 

As a result of combining the power of LeanData and Crossbeam, the LeanData Partner team experienced some amazing outcomes:


Increase in year-over-year partner-sourced revenue growth


Higher annual contract values for partner-influenced deals vs. non-influenced deals


Total increase in partner-influenced revenue growth

6. G2 Integration

G2 is a peer review platform where users can read and write reviews about software and services. 

With the G2-LeanData integration, G2 uncovers companies researching your product, category or competitor. Then, LeanData automatically matches the G2 company to your Salesforce account — with up to a 95% match rate. G2 intent data is immediately synced to the correct Salesforce account. 

Further workflows can also be configured in LeanData, such as Lead-to-Account routing or notifications to Account owners based on G2 visits.

Quote block from Gavin Grisham from F5

7. Gong Engage Integration

LeanData’s integration with Gong Engage allows a user to route a prospect to the right rep with the appropriate context and then immediately queue the prospect for automated engagement, all in one system. 

After LeanData routes and assigns a Lead, they are automatically added to Gong based on intent signals and keywords for fast and effective outreach, no manual input required.

8. Groove Integration

Groove is a sales engagement platform that helps businesses manage their sales process and improve their sales performance. It offers tools like contact management, lead scoring, email marketing, sales tracking, and sales reporting.

The Groove-LeanData integration routes a prospect to the right rep with the appropriate context and then immediately queues the prospect for automated engagement in Groove Flows. 

9. Kronologic Integration

Geometric shapes in a LeanData FlowBuilder graph that show the LeanData-Kronologic integration.

The LeanData-Kronologic integration pairs Kronologic’s AI Scheduling assistant with LeanData’s logic engine to set up meetings with prospects.

LeanData will assess whether a prospect is ready for a meeting based on the prospect’s campaign engagement and route them to the right rep. This automation triggers Kronologic to reach out to that prospect on your rep’s behalf. No manual intervention needed.

For example:

Ron is the Marketing Manager at Globex Systems. Globex recently had a booth at a large trade show. Ron needs to ensure that all booth attendees who expressed interest in Globex products have a meeting booked with a sales rep. After using LeanData’s List Analyzer to clean and upload the booth data, the information routes through his LeanData FlowBuilder Graph, triggering Kronologic’s AI Scheduling assistant to book meetings with an available sales rep.

10. Microsoft Teams Integration

LeanData’s integration with Microsoft Teams automates instant notifications that rapidly alert team members any time a record is assigned to them. Notifications can also be customized with relevant information to guide the sales rep’s next best action. 

A horizontal graphic display that shows the LeanData-Microsoft Teams Integration

11. Outreach Integration

LeanData’s seamless integration with Outreach allows you to automatically distribute Leads and Contacts to sales sequences for the most relevant outreach. By automating this process, you can instantly determine the right sequence and the right reps to initiate engagement based on contextual Lead and Contact information.

“We’re able to route Leads and get them into an Outreach sequence. Now we’re averaging about 3.5 minutes from creation to sequenced. Since we started doing that, first response time has come down 400%” – Raheel Alam, Salesforce Admin, BombBomb

12. Qualified Chatbot Integration

Rectangles showing a website chatbot connecting with an arrow to a meeting scheduler calendar

LeanData’s automated meeting scheduling tool, BookIt for Forms, integrates with Qualified’s website chatbots to collect visitor information and present a booking page for the right sales rep.

In addition, the LeanData New Chat Prospect Trigger node within the BookIt for Forms FlowBuilder allows users to customize scheduling logic based on their unique business needs. 

From a prospect’s point of view, they will start a conversation with a chatbot. Within the chatbot conversation, the prospect will receive a request to schedule a meeting with a company representative, likely a SDR, BDR, or sales rep.

Then, behind the scenes, the Lead will route to the right rep based on the information collected during the chat. Meanwhile, the prospect views the appropriate scheduling page and schedules a meeting. 

As shared at the OpsStars 2023 conference, LeanData and Qualified work very well together. In fact, you may be surprised to hear that LeanData and Qualified are customers of each other.

Geometric shapes inside of a LeanData FlowBuilder graph that show the LeanData-Salesforce Sales Engagement integration

13. Salesforce Sales Engagement Integration

LeanData’s integration with Salesforce Sales Engagement allows you to automatically distribute Leads and Contacts to sales cadences for the most relevant outreach. By automating this process, you can instantly determine the right cadence and the right reps to initiate engagement based on contextual lead and contact information. 

14. Salesloft Integration Including Salesloft Rhythm

LeanData’s integration with Salesloft allows a user to route a prospect to the right rep with the appropriate context and then immediately queue the prospect for automated engagement.

Geometric shapes creating a flow on a LeanData FlowBuilder graph

By enabling immediate outbound engagement, sales teams can strengthen prospect engagement, improve time-to-revenue, and increase prospect conversion rates.

The latest LeanData integration with Salesloft sends campaign engagement signals into Rhythm. These signals include campaign activity for Contacts associated with active Opportunities as well as campaign activity data for Contacts associated with priority Accounts. 

LeanData is a Salesforce-native application and one of our superpowers is the ability to trigger GTM plays from any Salesforce object. Thus, one huge benefit of the LeanData-Salesloft Rhythm integration is the ability to use any Salesforce field to define what is a meaningful signal. LeanData users can customize the signals sent to Salesloft Rhythm.

Geometric shapes showing the flow of information on a LeanData FlowBuilder graph

15. Sendoso Integration

The LeanData-Sendoso integration helps revenue teams orchestrate personalized gifting plays for their most valued prospects, customers, and accounts. LeanData instantly routes records to the right rep and automatically sends tailored gifts based on contextual record information. Think about gifting levels for campaign engagement, opportunity size, and ICP fit.

This automation keeps your reps focused on selling. Plus, automating this process increases productivity, heightens gift sending accuracy, and creates remarkable customer experiences. 

Pro Tip: Combine the LeanData-Sendoso integration with UserGems (another LeanData integration partner) and congratulate one of your former champions on their new job with a thoughtful gift. 

16. Slack Integration

A block of text within the Slack messaging instant alert tool

Slack is a channel-based messaging platform used by millions to facilitate communication. It offers a variety of features including business instant messaging, file sharing, video conferencing, and task management. 

The most widely used LeanData integration by far, combining LeanData with Slack creates a world of automated alerts that can enhance your operations processes.

When the LeanData FlowBuilder graph automates a Slack alert to the appropriate team member or channel, the alert can be full of contextual information that helps personalize outreach and prompt employees to take action.

17. UserGems Integration 

Geometric shapes in a LeanData Flowbuilder graph to represent the LeanData-UserGems integration

Another powerful integration used by the LeanData RevOps team, the UserGems integration is a key player in our Repeat Customer Plays. UserGems surfaces our former champions as well as past contacts assigned to Closed Opportunities. 

Then, LeanData Revenue Orchestration goes to work: matching, routing, sending Slack alerts to team members, and enrolling the contacts into Outreach sequences.

Power Your GTM Plays Through LeanData Integrations

Siloed software can cause you to underutilize your sales and marketing data. This in turn leads to poor customer experiences, including slower lead response times and customer miscommunication – all of which ultimately results in lost sales.

Using software that integrates seamlessly with the rest of your tech stack offers several key advantages including:

  • Streamlined workflows
  • Task automation
  • Improved data accuracy
  • Reduced manual processes
  • Consolidation of tools
  • Improved customer experience
  • Scalability
  • Reduced downtime

LeanData integrations allow you to optimize the results of the technology solutions you already have. That’s doing more with what’s in the toolbox.

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