Leads are the lifeblood of every business’ go-to-market (GTM) processes, and Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) are frequently the very first touchpoint between an organization and its prospects.

SDRs focus almost entirely on sales prospecting, executing outreach strategies, qualifying leads and guiding those qualified leads further down the sales funnel, eventually to Account Executives (AEs) to engage in closing discussions. 

Just as AEs are empowered to focus on their highest value-added activities by the work output provided by SDRs, SDRs are, in turn, empowered in part by the enabling technologies that allow them to focus on the activities that hold the highest expected return. Below, the infographic “5 Must-Haves for Every SDR Stack” provides an overview of the must-have technologies to incorporate into your revenue team’s sales stack.


Ray Hartjen
Head of Content at LeanData

Ray Hartjen is the head of content at LeanData, where he collaborates with internal and external customers in furthering the engaging narrative of revenue operations and innovative go-to-market strategies. You can connect with Ray on both LinkedIn & Twitter.