Celebrating the LeanData Certified Expert Community

Recently, LeanData surpassed a very special milestone as we celebrated the 1,000th person to receive their LeanData Certification

We launched the LeanData Certification program at OpsStars 2019 with the goal to help customers understand and maximize the breadth of capabilities available within LeanData’s powerful revenue orchestration platform. Over the last three years, the LeanData Certification program has become the pinnacle of our education program, empowering our customers to operationalize their go-to-market motions optimally and operate successfully. 

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We can’t talk about LeanData Certification without talking about our Head of Customer Education, Kevin Au (IYKYK). After years of working with many customers, Kevin designed and built the program in 2019, and continues to evolve the content as LeanData evolves — and there’s been a lot of evolution in three years! Kevin continues to lead live classes via Zoom, and is the voice behind the videos if you choose to take the course online. Since the course is a full day, rest assured you’re in great hands! 

Here is the kind of feedback we get after a class with Kevin: 

  • “Great instructors.”
  • Kevin did an excellent job of tag-teaming a very long day’s worth of content. They somehow managed to keep the course interesting, relevant, and engaging for the entire day.”
  • “Dad joke segues and conversation between the instructors really made the time fly by.”

As with most things, in 2020 the Certification course pivoted from what was going to be a schedule of all in-person classes, to completely virtual. While many of us were learning our best Zoom etiquette, the classes were a success and demand for Certification grew.

Screen shot of a Zoom virtual meeting of the March 2022 session of in-person LeanData Certification training.

Growing the Community of LeanData Certified Experts

As the number of Certified Experts grew, we heard requests over and over again to take those learnings even further and meet other experts to exchange ideas and insights. So we began hosting Expert Hour, a virtual meetup exclusively for LeanData Certified Experts to connect for ongoing learning, problem-solving and more! 

Ultimately people get Certified because they want to learn how to maximize their use of LeanData. And they do — with a deeper understanding of capabilities like Any Object Routing, SLA Automation and Tracking, Lead-to-Account Matching and Lead-to-Opportunity Matching. 

LeanData Certification opens up a world of additional possibilities — learning how the LeanData revenue orchestration platform simplifies and accelerates coordination of all the people, processes and plays needed to transform buyer signals into buying decisions, enabling users to enjoy predictability, resilience, transparency, readiness and the ability to create differentiated buyer experiences through operational excellence.

And, it opens the door to a community of others doing the same thing who are continuing to learn and share. We’ve had Experts credit their Certification and relationships with the community as contributors to career advancement like promotions and new job opportunities. We’ve even hired a few of them here at LeanData!

So, if you are one of the 1,000+ already certified, congrats to you and we’ll see you at Expert Hour! Don’t forget to investigate the LeanData Advanced Certification too.

If you’re not certified, what are you waiting for? Go here to learn more about what to expect and how to sign up.

“I’m walking away from the LeanData Routing Certification course much more confident in my understanding of how to power our organization in new ways. Not only did I become a certified user, I walked away with a page full of notes on how to better deploy our existing setup.”

 ~ Kara Smith, Director of Revenue Operations, Ruby

“If you’ve had reservations about getting under LeanData’s hood due to its perceived complexity, this course is for you! You’ll leave this course feeling much more knowledgeable, and you’ll be eager to explore LeanData’s potential.”

~ Marc Ouimet, Associate Manager, Business Applications, Rocket Software

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