LeanData Accelerates the Lead-to-Revenue Cycle for Enterprises

Time-based lead reassignment and notifications enable businesses to respond to prospects faster and grow revenue

SUNNYVALE, Calif., December 17, 2018 – LeanData, the leader in Lead-to-Account Matching, Routing and Marketing Attribution, today unveiled a new Time-Based Routing innovation, as part of its core Routing solution. This will ensure leads are assigned to the appropriate sales reps and followed up on in a timely manner. The new capability will enable companies to accelerate their Go-To-Market (GTM) execution by shortening the lead-to-revenue cycle.

Efficient automation of lead routing is dependent on time. Companies are committed to ensuring that their sales reps respond to leads promptly or distribute target accounts to reps on a specific timeline. Furthermore, enterprise organizations are experiencing lengthy delays in sales interactions with opportunities. Companies need a solution that takes into account time-based routing activities to avoid lead stagnation and ensure that service level agreements are met across the GTM team. Today, enterprises have the opportunity to use LeanData’s Time-Based capability to schedule or reroute leads, contacts, accounts, and opportunities, enabling them to create time-based processes and hold their sales teams accountable for acting on new opportunities on time.

“High-growth enterprises have been saddled with the challenges of ensuring leads are quickly routed to the appropriate sales reps. For these companies, responsiveness to prospects and customers is paramount, and their desire for a time-based lead routing solution was high,” said Hendrick Lee, Vice President, Product, LeanData. “LeanData built Time-Based Routing to help companies avoid lead stagnation and accelerate time to revenue,” said Lee. LeanData’s Time-Based Routing capability includes a collection of notable features to ensure that leads are routed and acted on in a timely fashion:

LeanData’s Time-Based Routing capability includes a collection of notable features to ensure that leads are routed and acted on in a timely fashion:

  • Sales teams can automatically reroute leads, contacts, accounts, and opportunities to a different owner if the original owner did not respond in a specific timeframe (e.g. one hour)
  • In the event a sales rep does not respond to a prospect within a day, sales leaders can be automatically alerted via email
  • Leads or accounts in a queue can be distributed on a time-based cadence (e.g. weekly) to ensure service level agreements are fulfilled
  • If a deal has been lost by one of your sales reps, sales leaders can automatically notify the rep later for follow-up
  • Sales teams will be able to avoid allowing opportunities to become stale or lost by creating notifications and follow-up tasks when the opportunity has not been engaged within a specific time period along with a dedicated task for the sales representative to complete

“In our research, we have found that organizations who optimized lead follow-up time had significantly higher lead conversion rates than those that don’t. As the market continues to optimize and evolve, new gaps in lead follow-up continue to emerge that will require a flexible routing solution,” said Craig Rosenberg, Chief Analyst and Co-Founder, TOPO. “This time-based routing capability introduction from LeanData is a response to the market’s current need to meet new routing requirements to continue to solve gaps in the lead-follow processes.”

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