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Clockwise Supports PLG Motion with LeanData Revenue Orchestration

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As part of a new monetization strategy within a product-led growth (PLG) business model, Clockwise needed an efficient way to surface, route, and nurture qualified Contacts through the buyer journey. Leveraging user data and PLG prospecting tools, Clockwise supports sales processes using LeanData Revenue Orchestration. With a modern, PLG approach to systems, processes, and tools, Clockwise teams are able to drive revenue by focusing on the right customers at the right time.

Information Technology
San Francisco, CA
Interview With
Ana Rottaro, Head of Revenue Operations and Melissa Ross, Head of Product-Led Sales


Customer first

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1-2 weeks

time saved by Ops in maintaining and troubleshooting lead management issues

Faster PLG Execution

quicker transition to a new monetization strategy

Operational Agility

increased capacity for a RevOps team of one to support revenue processes and stay agile

Founded in 2016, Clockwise is an AI-powered calendar solution that optimizes individual and team schedules to create more time in the workday. First introduced as a free Google Chrome extension, Clockwise launched a monetization strategy in 2021 under a PLG model. This transition gave rise to the challenges of a blank slate of systems and processes needing design and implementation to drive business forward.

Before hiring their first revenue operations pro, Clockwise did not have established processes in place for CRM data management, lead management, or contract and renewal management.

Enter Ana Rottaro, Head of Revenue Operations, who implemented Clockwise’s PLG prospecting technology, designed their CRM processes to support renewal workflows, and crafted a RevOps approach that allows for frequent go-to-market (GTM) experimentation.

Today, behind the scenes of the Clockwise buyer journey, Contacts who enroll in a free trial are first created in Hubspot. When Contacts reach a usage threshold or match certain criteria, they are sent to Salesforce and tagged as ready to be worked. This action triggers LeanData to initiate routing to several different teams as well as enroll Contacts in Outreach sequences.

Similarly, when Accounts reach a usage threshold, they are tagged in Salesforce as product qualified accounts (PQAs), triggering LeanData routing. Clockwise adjusts sequences and strategies depending on the tag. With LeanData, Clockwise can silo PLG experimentation while keeping other routing flows running.

Rottaro says, “A contact-first methodology makes a lot more sense for PLG. We don’t need to convert a lead because we already have verified email addresses and contact data when users sign up.”

Under the current GTM strategy, Clockwise reports their revenue teams move quicker and are more productive than ever. Prospecting motions are more agile and relevant, renewals are monitored better, and the Customer Success team is more informed.

Increased Agility as Sales Processes Evolve

Like many organizations, the Clockwise lead management processes are not in a permanent state and will continue to evolve. Rottaro finds change management in LeanData to be easy and fast.

Greater Capacity for a RevOps Team of One

When Clockwise first started using LeanData, they routed Opportunities to a larger Sales team of SDRs and AEs. However, in the last year, Clockwise shifted their sales strategy.

Rottaro says, “LeanData was very helpful in alleviating capacity. As Sales team roles shifted, making changes was seamless.”

Less Custom Flows Produces Significant Time Savings

Prior to LeanData, Clockwise built their own routing flows in Salesforce. Now, using LeanData Revenue Orchestration, a no-code platform, Rottaro no longer builds flows that require more time to manage.

Rottaro estimates a time savings of 1 to 2 weeks’ in maintaining and troubleshooting lead management issues.

Automating Slack Alerts for High Intent Buyer Signals

With many different hands involved in the Clockwise buyer journey, it’s important to keep employees updated with the most relevant buyer intent signals.

Clockwise uses LeanData’s Slack integration node to alert internal teams when Contacts become PQLs or when Clockwise receives an inbound inquiry. These alerts help teams know when to reach out at the right time.

Providing a Smoother Renewal Process

Clockwise also uses LeanData for Slack notifications that support their renewal process. The LeanData Routing Scheduler will search daily for Accounts that are due to renew within the next seven days. Any results trigger a Slack notification, alerting the appropriate account managers (AMs) of Accounts due to renew.

These Slack notifications serve three important purposes: (1) they help Clockwise know if an Account requires an extension to their product access, (2) they prevent Accounts from being shut off in the middle of contract negotiations, and (3) they help create visibility across CS, AM, and finance teams.

About Clockwise

Clockwise is an AI-powered calendar solution that optimizes the workday by building smarter schedules for everyone. The company has created over 5 million hours of time for focused work as part of its mission to help people/teams/businesses make time for the things that matter most. More than 40,000 organizations run on Clockwise, including Atlassian, Asana, Reddit, and Zoom. Learn more at

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