LeanData Enhances Market’s Most Robust Lead Routing Platform

Opportunity routing capability enables customers to accelerate revenue growth through flexible account-based sales and marketing strategies

SUNNYVALE, Calif., March 7, 2018 – LeanData, the leader in Lead to Account Matching, Routing and Marketing Attribution solutions, today announced enhancements to the LeanData Routing Platform with a new capability: Opportunity Routing. With this new capability, the LeanData Routing Platform is the industry’s most comprehensive solution available today, delivering effective and flexible lead management execution, faster revenue conversion and a streamlined buying experience.

CRM systems have fundamental design limitations in their ability to connect leads to accounts and opportunities.  LeanData’s Routing Platform matches and connects leads with the right representative every time, providing sales and marketing teams with the intelligence they need to improve the buyer’s journey and accelerate time to revenue.

“LeanData’s robust Lead Routing Platform allows fast-growing B2B enterprises to orchestrate all of their sales and marketing inbound and outbound initiatives to drive significant revenue on behalf of their organizations,” said Evan Liang, chief executive officer and co-founder, LeanData. “The new Opportunity Routing capability connects CRM data, including Leads, Contacts, Accounts, and Opportunities, to those stakeholders who are responsible for ensuring increased sales productivity, while strengthening sales and marketing team alignment. Today’s announcement underscores our vision to facilitate meaningful connections between data and people to connect business to revenue faster.”

Over 350 of the world’s fast-growing companies, including Palo Alto Networks, Marketo, and Bluewolf (IBM), depend on LeanData’s Routing Platform to drive effective sales and marketing strategies with Matching and Routing capabilities, as well as optimize their marketing initiatives using the Attribution capability. These solutions significantly impact how companies convert their incoming leads to revenue and also how fast they do so. The LeanData Routing Platform allows Sales and Marketing teams to:

  • Automatically match Leads to Accounts and streamline the assignment of leads to the right sales representatives
  • Effectively convert named accounts by managing Lead, Account, Contact, and Opportunity flows between ABM campaigns, Sales Development Reps (SDRs) and Sales Executives
  • Add new Contacts from existing Accounts and route them to the relevant account owner for possible upsell opportunities
  • Automatically route new upsell Opportunities to the appropriate account owner

“Routing leads was a manual process, and we have a very high volume of inbound leads,” said Cindy Hancock, head of revenue operations and systems, SalesLoft. “Leads could slip through the cracks, and nobody wants that. That’s just like leaving money on the table. It was a real pain point for us, which is why we implemented LeanData. Since then, LeanData has also been very helpful in our account-based pivot.”

Today’s announcement comes on the heels of the significant momentum LeanData has experienced over the past year. The company continues to deliver the industry’s most innovative solutions including Lead Routing Platform, Account Matching, Marketing Attribution, to over 350 customers, which include Marketo, Palo Alto Networks, Cloudera, Bluewolf (IBM). Furthermore, the company has made significant investments in building a strategic partner ecosystem, which includes market-leading brands such as Marketo, DemandGen, Revenue Pulse, to deliver joint-innovative solutions to high-growth companies. The company expanded the leadership team with the addition of several senior-level executives to further build on the company’s growing momentum.

About LeanData

LeanData is the leader in Lead to Account Matching, Routing and Marketing Attribution solutions.  LeanData’s industry-leading solutions, including Lead Routing, Account Matching, and Marketing Attribution, deliver in-depth account insights to sales and marketing teams, enabling them to increase pipeline, maximize marketing ROI and drive revenue. Over 350 customers including Nutanix, Cloudera, and Marketo rely on LeanData to drive business results and grow revenue. Visit for more information. 

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