LeanData Unveils New Go-to-Market Analytics Solution

LeanData Engagement offers actionable insights into customer and prospect engagement for more aligned and impactful ABM strategy across sales and marketing 

SUNNYVALE, Calif., April 28, 2020 — Leading Revenue Operations solutions provider LeanData today introduced LeanData Engagement, a new analytics offering in the company’s comprehensive portfolio of go-to-market orchestration and automation solutions. Built upon the market’s most sophisticated Lead-to-Account Matching technology, LeanData Engagement allows marketers to forge greater alignment with their sales organizations to improve campaign-conversion rates, accelerate pipeline growth, and maximize return from sales and marketing investments.

“Especially during times of economic uncertainly, it’s critically important to understand how your customers and prospects are engaging with your company,” said Hendrick Lee, senior vice president of product, LeanData. “With LeanData Engagement, the interactions of every buyer are automatically connected to the right accounts in CRM, thus unlocking truly holistic account-based marketing analytics. Engagement is an important addition to LeanData’s revenue operations product family which exists to help companies unlock greater revenue growth, increase performance and improve customer experience across the buyer journey.”

According to SiriusDecisions, one of the biggest improvements nearly every business-to-business (B2B) organization can make today is recognizing when more than one member of a buying committee is demonstrating interest.

“Because more than 75 percent of B2B purchases are made by groups of people working together – not individuals – the best indicator of a true buying cycle is the engagement of multiple buying committee members,” said Kerry Cunningham, vice president and principal analyst at SiriusDecisions. “In the past, identifying that engagement was difficult. However, modern solutions have emerged that allow B2B organizations selling to committees to more effectively take action on this vital intelligence and thus gain a strong competitive advantage.”

As more companies move towards Account Based Marketing (ABM), revenue teams require greater insight into the engagement and activity of the leads and contacts associated with every account. From within the Salesforce CRM environment, LeanData Engagement provides marketing and sales teams with a holistic set of engagement metrics to understand which buyers are engaging and how, identify accounts with the least engagement requiring action, and gain visibility into the company’s most valuable accounts.

“In order to deliver an end-to-end customer experience, B2B organizations need a comprehensive view of activity and engagement. Unfortunately, many companies have only partial or siloed views into this engagement,” said Eric Wittlake, senior analyst at TOPO Research. “We see more companies moving to address this gap, placing LeanData’s new engagement-measurement offering in a category with increasing demand today.”

For most companies, analyzing account-based engagement is a time-consuming and error-prone process requiring manual work to link the sales and marketing activities of leads and contacts to the right accounts in CRM. By automating this process from within Salesforce CRM, the LeanData Engagement solution enables all relevant sales and marketing engagement data to be automatically connected to relevant accounts and visualized directly within Salesforce objects and reports.

The newest addition to LeanData’s family of revenue operations solutions, LeanData Engagement joins the company’s comprehensive portfolio of go-to-market execution and analytics products which now includes Lead-to-Account Matching, Routing, Engagement and Marketing Attribution.

LeanData Engagement is now available on the Salesforce AppExchange. For more information on the solution, please visit LeanData Engagement. To learn more about LeanData’s entire portfolio of go-to-market solutions, see

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