Using the LeanData-Salesloft Rhythm Integration to Optimize Campaign Signals

For years, we’ve known that LeanData and Salesloft are better together, but the recent LeanData-Salesloft Rhythm integration creates an even stronger 1+1 = 3 power play.

Today’s B2B buyers produce a flood of buying signals. They research your product extensively before talking to your team. That’s how they bought their car, booked their holiday trip to Cancun, and acquired the home gym equipment that’s gettin’ dusty in their garage. That’s how they want to buy from you. 

an open peanut butter and jelly sandwich representing LeanData and Salesloft

When your buyer is close to making a final decision, they’ll reach out with questions or a demo request.

However, smart B2B sellers don’t just wait for a golden inquiry to magically appear in their inbox. Smart sellers guide buyers along the buying journey.

Whether it’s website visits, content downloads, webinar attendance, or demos, smart sellers quickly interpret buying signals and determine what action, if any, should be taken. 

That’s where the LeanData-Salesloft Rhythm integration jumps in to save the day.

So if you’re a current LeanData customer, Salesloft customer, or both, let’s get you up to speed on the latest integration so you can optimize campaign signals and grow more business.

Juggling Buying Signals & Task Prioritization

Every day, Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) and Account Executives (AEs) have a lengthy to-do list clamoring for their attention, which includes:

  • Researching and identifying potential leads
  • Conducting outbound outreach
  • Responding to internal alerts, including SLAs
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Maintaining their CRM
  • Conducting demos
  • Negotiating contracts
  • Answering live web chat inquiries
  • Participating in social selling activities

Unfortunately, not all of these actions will increase pipeline or close deals. And, as the saying goes, “If everything is a priority, then nothing is.” In fact, many sales activities simply distract reps from getting the most valuable work done. As a result, AEs and SDRs struggle to prioritize the top actions they should take to hit their quotas.

Salesloft Rhythm Infuses Artificial Intelligence Into Sales Tasks

Salesloft Rhythm solves the challenges of sales activity prioritization by creating an AI-enhanced task feed. Rhythm takes in buyer signals and, using AI, curates a prioritized to-do list based on past won opportunities. 

Salesloft Rhythm dashboard showing important sales tasks

In order for Salesloft Rhythm to generate a prioritized task list, it relies on buyer signal data. For example, Rhythm ingests signals from G2 in the form of intent data or signals from Vidyard in the form of videos watched.

Salesloft partners, like G2, Vidyard, and others, register their signals through the Salesloft Signals API. Salesloft then takes in the signals, displays them in a live feed, and creates a “play” in the Salesloft platform. Rhythm uses AI to determine if and when the play should become a prioritized task.

In addition to task prioritization, Salesloft helps sales reps know what to say in their outreach by providing a generative AI tool to draft emails. The Salesloft platform will also create AI-generated notes from recorded meetings. And last, Salesloft provides an AI forecasting tool that uses historic win rates, deal sizes, and deal activities to predict revenue.

Screenshot of a LeanData Flowbuilder graph showing the LeanData-Salesloft integration node

Combining the Power of LeanData with Salesloft Rhythm

The first LeanData-Salesloft integration focused on automating the distribution of Leads and Contacts into sales cadences. 

The latest LeanData integration with Salesloft sends campaign engagement signals into Rhythm. These signals include campaign activity for Contacts associated with active Opportunities as well as campaign activity data for Contacts associated with priority Accounts. 

LeanData is a Salesforce-native application and one of our superpowers is the ability to trigger GTM plays from any Salesforce object. Thus, one huge benefit of the LeanData-Salesloft Rhythm integration is the ability to use any Salesforce field to define what is a meaningful signal. LeanData users can customize the signals sent to Salesloft Rhythm.

 But the benefits don’t stop there. 

Signals Supported by LeanData Matching and Routing

Any signal sent to Salesloft Rhythm has the power of LeanData fuzzy matching behind it. Therefore, LeanData will check for a corresponding matched account or a matched open opportunity, prior to sending a signal. Signals should be part of an active sales cycle. That’s what makes them meaningful for a sales rep to respond.

Also, because we are a best-in-class routing engine, LeanData is the first Salesloft partner to route a Lead or Contact in advance. LeanData ensures that the Lead or Contact is attached to the right sales rep, then sends the signal to Rhythm. 

A LeanData-Salesloft Rhythm Use Case

Here’s how a potential campaign engagement signal would be sent from LeanData to Salesloft Rhythm:

A screenshot of the LeanData FlowBuilder showing the LeanData-Salesloft Rhythm integration node
  1. A prospective buyer comes to your website and completes a demo request form. 
  2. LeanData identifies them as a new campaign member in Salesforce. 
  3. This action triggers LeanData to check for a matched Account, look for an open Opportunity, and route the Contact to the appropriate Account owner. 
  4. Then, with LeanData’s Salesloft integration node, this information is sent to Salesforce Rhythm as a signal. 
  5. In their Salesloft Live Feed, the right Sales rep will see that a particular Contact requested a demo.
  6. Salesloft Rhythm then uses AI to determine if the signal warrants creation of a sales task.

Another 1+1 = 3 Success Story

Separately, LeanData and Salesloft serve different purposes. LeanData is a revenue orchestration tool that helps with matching, routing, data management, alerts and meeting scheduling. Salesloft is a sales engagement platform that streamlines and automates sales processes.

Together, LeanData and Salesloft have the ability to activate the most relevant campaign engagement signals, helping sales reps focus on tasks that build pipeline and close deals.

The LeanData-Salesloft Rhythm integration embodies two important values that all companies want and need: efficiency and sales-marketing alignment

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