Converting Buyer Signals to Revenue

Recognize and Respond to Account-based Signals.

LeanData enables shared awareness at every step of the B2B buyer journey

Eliminate that guesswork.
Take action with every account detail.

Account-based insights can do more than help just your marketing teams.
Bring every revenue team together, leveraging signals to prioritize, route, and engage high-intent buyers.

Prioritize your most valuable buyer signals

  • Easily identify qualified, high-intent, and engaged accounts
  • Eliminate time spent on account research
  • Leverage previous buyer relationships with powerful integrations

Meet buyers where where they are at and act fast.

Eliminate manual process to improve selling activities

  • Match each signal to the right account
  • Leverage campaign data for decisions and updates
  • Ensure every account team has complete and shared visibility

Improve the buyer experience with complete alignment on every account.

Automate personalized plays at scale

  • Quickly follow up with buyers engaging with marketing campaigns
  • Engage each account with complete and accurate context
  • Automate SLA enforcement
  • Sales Engagement and Gifting Integrations
  • Send notifications to where they matter

Make the most of every buyer signal, engaging accounts that are ready to purchase.

Modern revenue orchestration for today’s growth leaders

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