Multi-touch marketing attribution that sales will trust

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Without actionable insights, marketers risk investing in channels that yield poor pipeline and revenue. Powered by our industry-leading matching, LeanData Attribution provides the most accurate view of campaign performance while creating a common dataset that both sales and marketing trust.

The most accurate attribution data

Automatically associate campaign members with corresponding opportunities.

LeanData allows us to capture
all of our [sales and marketing] data and allow our executives to choose how to spend our money in the most effective way possible.

Laura KornackaSenior Sales Operations Manager FinancialForce

LeanData Matching connects CRM objects intelligently so you get the most accurate attribution data with minimal effort.

Optimize demand gen with actionable insights

Data and visuals that truly measure impact.

Dynatrace’s use of LeanData is driving a major foundational shift in how we prove marketing’s revenue contributions, fine-tune our spend, and make the case for increased marketing budget.

Dave AndersonVice President, Global Marketing Dynatrace

Understand how marketing and sales touches help move deals through different opportunity stages.

Custom and out-of-the-box attribution models

Fully-customizable attribution models tuned to your business.

It’s very important to pick the right attribution model because you’re going to be making decisions on how to spend your money. At the end of the day, we need full visibility into our marketing influence.

David WalkerMarketo Consultant, Revenue Pulse

Define custom attribution models by choosing any shape, weights and coverage. Use our attribution wizard to select touches that are most relevant.

By combining LeanData’s Opportunity and Campaign Views with CRM reporting, organizations can understand the key points along the buyer’s journey.

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