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How Maxio’s RevOps Team Used LeanData to Stay Nimble As They Merged Two Companies

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In April 2021, two competitors, SaaSOptics and Chargify, were purchased by Battery Ventures to create a robust financial operations software solution. Bringing together two companies with distinctly different processes posed an interesting challenge as decisions needed to be made regarding go-to-market (GTM) strategies, including internal processes and enabling technologies. Regardless of the challenges, one thing was very clear: these two organizations needed to combine teams, unify the GTM strategy and grow into one company known today as Maxio.

Financial Services Software
San Antonio, TX
Interview With
Liz Barton, VP of Revenue Operations and Trent Allen, RevOps Manager, Automation and Systems


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Time-to-response decreased from 1 to 2 days to 1 hour.

2x increase in BDR closes from the new BDR motion.

15% increase in inbound pipeline by automating inbound processes.


Unveiled in April 2022, Maxio is a financial operations platform that helps B2B SaaS companies with billing, subscription management, revenue and expense recognition, and SaaS metrics. Maxio is the merger of FinTech platforms SaasOptics and Chargify. So with Chargify’s Liz Barton leading the strategy and SaasOptics’ Trent Allen contributing his LeanData expertise, together they formed a roadmap to bring together the two companies with as little disruption as possible to sales, marketing, customers and prospective customers.

At the merger, each company had their own Salesforce instance, two different marketing automation platforms, and a slew of other overlapping tools in their tech stacks supporting two different marketing funnels. One sales team was fully outbound, the other was fully inbound, and they were often competing for the same deals. Not to mention, there were different GTM philosophies in play: product-led growth (PLG) versus sales-led growth (SLG).

Architecting a Solution with Minimal Disruption

To merge two separate Salesforce instances, one lead-based and the other opportunity-based, Maxio considered two approaches. One involved “ripping off the band-aid,” or migrating all data into one instance, admittedly creating a poor user experience but intending to fix the data later. The second involved a phased approach where they would use a number of tools to connect the two Salesforce instances and gradually migrate each team into the new Salesforce instance.

Maxio opted for approach number two and began by combining two BDR teams into one. Allen used LeanData to route leads from both funnels to the newly combined BDR team, maintaining existing business practices and allowing for tracking and reporting.

Using this approach, Maxio ensured that leads were assigned to the right rep at the right time and follow up was happening quickly.

Next they were able to carefully migrate the entire Sales team over to an opportunity-based workflow in the new, single Salesforce instance.

Barton says, “We were able to preserve the existing business processes and allow the leads to flow into the Chargify ecosystem as they always have been, but then have them come over into the new Salesforce organization and become opportunities. This allowed us to slowly transition the whole Chargify sales team to that opportunity-based workflow. And, it made the transition much smoother for them. It made the data migration much easier as we moved all the leads and opportunities over from the old Salesforce into the new Salesforce. As a result, the Sales team basically hit the ground running and in a combined Salesforce on day one.”

Seamless Automations Through Integrated Workflows

With both brands now combined into one Salesforce instance, Maxio capitalized on several LeanData integrations to automate workflows and GTM plays.

Maxio uses the LeanData-G2 partner integration which uncovers intent signals, as buyers research the Maxio product, category or competitors on the G2 website. This allows Maxio to identify the researcher’s company information by automatically matching it with an existing account in Salesforce, then trigger Sales or Marketing plays based on intent insights.

Maxio also uses LeanData with Salesloft and Slack to accelerate their speed to lead. When Maxio receives new leads, LeanData immediately checks to see if they are matched to an existing Account, and if they belong to a customer, prospect or competitor. The lead is either rejected or converted, and sometimes a new Account is created and assigned to the right rep. Next, the marketing activity and ideal customer profile (ICP) score on the contact are evaluated to determine if there is a business opportunity. The opportunity then routes to the right Sales team member and triggers a Slack notification, alerting the appropriate Maxio Sales rep to check Salesloft. This eliminates manual steps that would otherwise be taken to match, evaluate, convert, route each and every buyer signal, so that the right reps can instead just get alerted immediately and engage the right buyers.

Better Digital Customer Experience

One of Maxio’s highest priorities is keeping the customer experience in the forefront. Thus, they build and automate GTM plays in LeanData that are not only good for the business, but also create the best digital experience for the customer. Maxio works at this goal starting with the prospective buyer’s first hand raise. Whether it’s automating the right reminder emails, keeping employees in the loop with Slack notifications, or setting a meeting with the right Sales rep, Maxio wants prospective buyers to feel confident that when they submit a demo request, Maxio is not going to drop the ball.

The proof is in the statistics. Maxio’s positive outcomes include:

  • 2x increase in BDR closes from the BDR motion
  • SLA time has decreased from 1-2 days to 1 hour
  • 35% increase in customer retention rates
  • 10% increase in close rate
  • 35% increase on outbound pipeline by moving the Chargify BDR team to inbound

About Maxio

Maxio is an all-in-one revenue management and advanced subscription billing solution for high-growth SaaS companies. Their solutions cover the full spectrum of the subscription lifecycle including subscription management, recurring billing, GAAP/IFRS-compliant revenue recognition, SaaS metrics, revenue retention, expense recognition, usage and events-based billing. The RevOps team’s approach to the merger demonstrates unique creativity, grit and determination. As a result, Maxio was awarded the 2022 OpsStars Award for Go-To-Market Agility Powered by Operational Excellence.

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