Fireside Chat with NCR: Successfully Navigating Change in the Enterprise

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Tech advancements, trends, and market shifts are happening fast (looking at you, AI) and organizations are doing their best to adapt. But the ability to translate business requirements to the ever-shifting IT side of the house isn’t easy. During this session, Amanda Morrell (Senior IT Salesforce Leader at NCR Corporation) will share how she successfully navigates change amidst the dynamic IT environment across multiple industries — so you can, too.

Session takeaways: 

  • Hear how Amanda’s team is guiding a large organization through IT-driven transformations.
  • Learn how to move technology forward while also maintaining holistic team growth.
  • Get tips for unifying stakeholders around a common use case that solves across industries.
  • OpsStars 2023
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Chengxin Tan

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