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Video Track Fields with Routing Metrics Mapping
Track Fields with Routing Metrics Mapping

Tracking the history of certain fields is incredibly useful for troubleshooting, but there are limits to how many fields you can track in Salesforce. Here is how to set up Routing Metrics Mapping to track fields in your LeanData Logs.

Video Appending Text to a Field
Appending Text to a Field

You may know that LeanData can update fields, but sometimes you may need to append additional text to a field instead of replacing it entirely. Here is how to do that in LeanData Router.

Video Preventing Double Routing
Preventing Double Routing

Here is one way to prevent double routing.

Video Bypassing Validation Rules
Bypassing Validation Rules

As a native Salesforce solution, LeanData is subject to any validation or duplicate prevention rules you have in Salesforce. Here is a way that you can exclude specific Users.

Video Using the Salesloft Node
Using the Salesloft Node

Some organizations use Salesloft cadences to manage sales engagement. Learn how you can incorporate LeanData's Salesloft Integration to automate follow up based on campaign activity.

Video Selective Overwriting When Merging
Selective Overwriting When Merging

When merging duplicates in LeanData sometimes you only want certain fields overwritten. Here is a way that you can selectively choose which fields you want to be overwritten on a merged record.

Video Cross Object Operations in Router
Cross Object Operations in Router

When using LeanData Router, you can begin your process on one object, then continue it on a different object. You just need to know how to identify the other object record and properly trigger it for routing purposes.

Video Update Pools with Conditional Membership
Update Pools with Conditional Membership

Keeping Round Robin pools up to date with the latest members does not have to rely on someone remembering which Users to add.

Video Referencing Different Matches with Variables
Referencing Different Matches with Variables

Sometimes you need to use different matches for different purposes. LeanData's Object Variables will allow you to store different matches in different Variables and reference them whenever you need.

Video Updating Related Records
Updating Related Records

Do you ever need to update a different record than the one you are routing, such as a Matched Account, or a Related Activity? We walk through how you can do so using LeanData's Update Record Node.

Video A-B Testing in LeanData
A-B Testing in LeanData

If you would like to test out different processes and measure the effectiveness of each, here is a creative way you can use Round Robins to distribute records down different paths.

Video Using 6sense With LeanData
Using 6sense With LeanData

For those who use both 6sense and LeanData, combining the intent data you get from 6sense with the automation you can configure with LeanData will allow you to create processes.