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Video Updating Related Records
Updating Related Records

Do you ever need to update a different record than the one you are routing, such as a Matched Account, or a Related Activity? We walk through how you can do so using LeanData's Update Record Node.

Video A-B Testing in LeanData
A-B Testing in LeanData

If you would like to test out different processes and measure the effectiveness of each, here is a creative way you can use Round Robins to distribute records down different paths.

Video Using 6sense With LeanData
Using 6sense With LeanData

For those who use both 6sense and LeanData, combining the intent data you get from 6sense with the automation you can configure with LeanData will allow you to create processes.

Video Referencing Alternate Working Hours with Queues
Referencing Alternate Working Hours with Queues

Here's how you can use SFDC queues to incorporate alternate working hours into your routing graph.

Video Preserving Specific Values when Merging
Preserving Specific Values when Merging

When merging duplicate records, you might typically prefer values from the newer record. Here is one way you can ensure those values are preserved on the master record.

Video Load Balancing Accounts
Load Balancing Accounts

You want to "top off" your Account managers with fresh Accounts as they finish working their current Accounts, but you don't want any individual Account Owner to have more than a certain threshold.

Video Grouping Related Leads with No Account Match
Grouping Related Leads with No Account Match

Here is a way to aggregate them together so that you can regularly review them to decide whether you would like to create an Account for them.

Video Self-Service Audit Logs
Self-Service Audit Logs

Always answering questions about why records were routed the way they were? Give your Users a direct link to the audit logs to investigate on their own.

Video Continuing Routing After a Merge
Continuing Routing After a Merge

Sometimes you want to merge records, and also continue with more routing decisions and action on the merged record. Use this tip to initiate routing on merged records to continue your routing.

Video Aligning Contacts with Account Owner
Aligning Contacts with Account Owner

As reps come and go and contacts and Accounts get shuffled around, find out how you can keep your Contact Owners aligned with the Account Owner.

Video Assigning Contact Roles
Assigning Contact Roles

Learn how to associate Contacts to Opportunities in either Contact Router or Opportunity Router.

Video Handling Enrichment
Handling Enrichment

There are many enrichment vendors out there. Learn how you can accommodate any enrichment software that works with Salesforce, even without a direct LeanData integration.