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Video Handling Enrichment
Handling Enrichment

There are many enrichment vendors out there. Learn how you can accommodate any enrichment software that works with Salesforce, even without a direct LeanData integration.

Video Reassigning Inactive-Owned Records
Reassigning Inactive-Owned Records

As you deactivate Users in Salesforce, you will start to have records owned by these Inactive Users. Learn how to regularly re-assign records to active reps, without having to run manual batches.

Video Stamping Duplicate Accounts
Stamping Duplicate Accounts

Have Duplicate Accounts in your system? Learn how to use LeanData Duplicate Account matching to identify and flag duplicates.

Video User-Initiated Routing
User-Initiated Routing

Ever want to give your reps the ability to send a record through a router graph without needing admin privileges? This video will show you how.