Revenue Operations is Coming. Are You Ready?

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Join Craig Rosenberg – cofounder and chief analyst at TOPO – as he elaborates on the whys and hows of the new game-changing paradigm known as Revenue Operations. RevOps is hailed as the new mandate that can help B2B organizations accelerate growth by bridging operational silos between sales, marketing and customer success. 

The long-awaited promised land? A truly integrated Go-to-Market approach which delivers a seamless customer experience across the entire revenue chain.

Watch now and learn:

  • The 6 core components of TOPO’s Revenue Operations Framework
  • The Framework for B2B CX (Customer Experience)
  • Fundamentals of the new customer journey map
  • The Revenue Ops horizontal data platform
  • Revenue Ops success stories: How did they do it?
  • The 8-step process to move from silos to Revenue Operations
  • Operations

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