Using Data Enrichment & Account Intent Data to Spur Engagement standard

Spoiler alert: Data drives B2B sales and marketing success. Now with the obvious out of the way, it’s time to speak to bettering the data that fuels your company’s growth. The better your data, the better equipped your revenue team is to personalize, segment and automate — all key factors in maximizing engagement with prospects on modern, digital-first buying journeys. The bottom line is better data empowers you to reach your growth objectives more efficiently, freeing up your scarce resources to fuel even greater scale.  Two important considerations in bettering your revenue team’s data are data enrichment and account intent data. Both contribute mightily to maximizing your opportunities in-market. This post takes a look at both data enrichment and account intent data. First ...

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The Future of the Modern Revenue Engine: A Recap of OpsStars 2021 standard

OpsStars is the singular community dedicated to the field of B2B Revenue Operations. It’s a community for Ops, by Ops.  Throughout the year, OpsStars brings together revenue team operations professionals – across the functions of Marketing, Sales, Revenue, Sales Development and Customer Success – to advance the profession’s collective cause. In just six years, OpsStars has created a community where Ops professionals share ideas and successes regarding implementing complex go-to-market (GTM) strategies, aligning revenue teams and driving organizational growth and career development. Each year, one of the biggest highlights is the annual OpsStars conference.  This year’s event, the 6th annual OpsStars conference, Powering the Modern Revenue Engine, kicked off on October 5, and below are a few of the day’s highlights. Flow & ...

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