BookIt Scheduling Improves the Buyer Experience

The launch of LeanData BookIt solutions proves the B2B buying cycle looks nothing like it did in the past.

Ten years ago, when Evan Liang co-founded LeanData, he was trying to solve the challenges of syncing his Salesforce instance with marketing automation. 

Today, with a flood of buying signals coming from intent data, email, conference leads, your website, and even AI, B2B selling has only gotten more complicated. Companies run much more sophisticated go-to-market plays. There’s inbound, outbound, ABM, PLG, channel growth, or even Forrester’s B2B Revenue Waterfall

LeanData sits right in the middle, helping companies tie the right signals to the right plays. So with our roots firmly entrenched in lead matching and routing, why is LeanData expanding into sales scheduling software?

That very question, along with a spotlight on our latest innovation, BookIt Handoff, was the focus of our recent webinar, Take Your Buyer Experience to the Next Level.

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Getting the Right Meeting to the Right Person with Perfect Handoffs

The B2B buying journey is like a relay race. As a seller, you want perfect handoffs to occur from demand gen to sales development to an AE and onto customer success. 

LeanData was the first company to innovate lead-to-account matching. We then expanded those functionalities to not just leads, but any object within Salesforce. 

In talking to our customers, we felt that our mission to simplify the B2B buying cycle also included things outside of Salesforce objects. So over the last few years, we’ve added many partnerships and integrations

Now we’re innovating how you schedule meetings. 

Certainly it’s important to get the right lead to the right person. But getting the right meeting to the right person is equally critical to pipeline and growth.

Last year, LeanData announced BookIt for Forms which takes a “contact us” type form and allows customers to book a meeting on the spot. This tool creates a seamless handoff to sales reps through our world-class routing.

Now, we’ve extended that vision to BookIt Handoff. This innovation allows Sales Development teams to book meetings on behalf of Account Executives, Customer Success, or any other team member.

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Conquering the Challenges of Manual Scheduling with BookIt

It’s not uncommon for sales reps to get stuck in a back-and-forth email loop with prospects, trying to nail down a meeting time that works for everyone. Not to mention, sales reps will then spend valuable time researching prospect information to bring the right context and the right people to the meeting. 

Besides, these delays not only waste time, but even worse, create a poor buying experience for the customer right out of the gate. 

LeanData Senior Product Manager Rachel Kim explains the difficulties of manual scheduling and how BookIt Handoff solves for these challenges.

Bringing the power of LeanData’s matching and routing solution into the scheduling world means that your automated meeting scheduling tool delivers:

  • Precise Matching: Compete context on every prospect
  • Drag-and-Drop FlowBuilder: Your scheduling logic all in one place
  • Complete Visibility: Audit logs, routing insights, alerts, dashboards & reports

Both BookIt for Forms and BookIt Handoff include a dynamic feature known as prioritize prospect availability. By prioritizing the prospect’s availability and displaying the maximum number of available meeting slots, customers are less likely to run into scheduling conflicts that can lead to delays in scheduling meetings, cancellations or no shows.

In addition, administrators have the option to create count-based pools to ensure a fair distribution of meetings to their reps.

A graphic image showing LeanData BookIt Handoff's software features

Ensuring Accuracy through BookIt Smart Rep Suggestions

BookIt Handoff includes a unique feature, exclusive to LeanData, known as Smart Rep Suggestions. Smart suggestions allows Operations teams to build logic that instantly suggests the right meeting and right team members that a sales rep should assign a buyer to. 

Further, whether the buyer is an existing customer, a lead matched to an account, or a buyer that meets other target criteria, all of this relevant, juicy context can be leveraged to automatically guide sales reps to efficiently book with the right team member(s).

Consolidating Your Tech Stack with One Complete Solution

Adding the BookIt suite of solutions to LeanData matching and routing creates a unified process to act on leads and schedule meetings. Considering today’s focus on tech consolidation and the elimination of overlapping tools, BookIt helps with tool consolidation. This one tool can cover all your matching, routing, and scheduling needs. 

In brief, just as with B2C buying experiences, B2B buyers expect a red carpet experience along each step of the buying journey. BookIt for Forms and BookIt Handoff deliver those compelling buying experiences with the power of LeanData flexibility and precision. 

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