9 SaaS Tools You’ll Have to Buy if You Don’t Have LeanData

If you had the option to consolidate nine SaaS tools in your tech stack into one platform, would you do it?

Just think about the time-savings alone:

  • Negotiating one vendor contract instead of nine
  • Supporting one implementation process instead of nine
  • Dealing with one customer support team instead of nine

Not to mention, pay for one platform instead of NINE!

LeanData allows you to optimize and consolidate your tech stack around your business needs, rather than constantly shopping the market for frankly, less flexible tools.

Here are the nine SaaS tools you’d have to buy if you didn’t have LeanData:

the number nine made out of SaaS software icons

#1 Lead-to-Account Matching

Accurate matching is the backbone of Lead routing. It ensures that Leads are quickly and efficiently routed to the right sales rep. It also improves your CRM data quality by preventing duplicates.

In addition, matching software is essential for ABM strategies. It ensures that marketing efforts are correctly aligned with targeted accounts. Plus, when Leads are accurately matched to Accounts, you can provide a more personalized buying experience. 

If you have LeanData Lead-to-Account Matching, you’ve got six different fields to fuzzy match, but there’s also room for customization through tiebreakers. 

“What I like best about LeanData is its efficiency in automating and simplifying complex lead-to-account matching and routing tasks. The platform’s robust features make it incredibly easy to ensure that each lead is directed to the right account owner in a timely manner. ”

Victor W., G2 Review Mid-Market, 51-1000 Employees

#2 Any Object Routing

Routing has a huge impact on the efficiency and effectiveness of a company’s marketing and sales operations. 

Routing influences:

The goal of lead routing is to convert Leads to customers by ensuring they receive timely, relevant, expert attention. Proper lead routing has the potential to optimize the entire sales process, creating seamless handoffs from Marketing to Sales to Customer Success.

LeanData’s best-in-class routing allows users to design and deploy automation for any business logic, from the very simple to complex. Plus, LeanData routes any object.

#3 Round Robin Distribution

Round robins are one of the most commonly used lead assignment methods for sales organizations. They ensure a fair and fast distribution among sales reps so that everyone gets a shot at meeting quotas. Plus, round robins are another method to increase speed to lead.

Unfortunately, Salesforce does not currently support out-of-the-box round robin assignment features. This causes businesses to waste time implementing and maintaining complex codes to support round robins.

LeanData allows companies to set up robust round robin pools for Leads, Contacts, Accounts, and Opportunities. LeanData can handle a variety of use round robin cases like:

  • Skip over sales reps who are out of the office, or outside their working hours
  • Assign a smaller share of Leads to new team members who are still ramping up
  • Stop assigning Leads to reps who are at capacity

#4 No-Code FlowBuilder

A visual, drag-and-drop FlowBuilder that creates routing logic within a CRM provides a huge advantage over writing complex lines of code. 

A screenshot of the LeanData FlowBuilder demonstrating lead routing

Visual FlowBuilders are intuitive and user-friendly, allowing team members with varying levels of technical expertise to create, modify and understand the routing processes.

In addition, drag-and-drop interfaces save time during set up and allow users to make changes quickly and easily. Not to mention, writing code is prone to errors. Visual FlowBuilders minimize the risk of errors.

Last, visual FlowBuilders can be easily shared and understood by different members of a team. This transparency facilitates better collaboration and decision-making, as everyone can clearly see how objects are being routed and why.

Yes, LeanData has a visual, drag-and-drop FlowBuilder. 

Screenshot of a LeanData audit log

#5 Audit Logs

Audit logs that track the routing of objects like Leads, Contacts, Accounts, Opportunities, or even meeting scheduling logic are invaluable for several reasons.

Five star review from G2 about LeanData audit logs

These logs serve as a detailed record of actions taken within the CRM, offering insights and accountability. Plus, audit logs quickly help identify if objects are misrouted and why. They not only make it easier to troubleshoot problems, but also help to prevent lead leakage

LeanData’s audit logs allow users to see which path an individual record took in their routing flow as defined in the FlowBuilder graph. These audit logs show the outcomes that went into each decision for sending the record down that specific path. 

#6 Connecting Your Tech Stack with Integrations

Having a tech stack where software integrates smoothly with others is crucial for several reasons: efficiency, scalability and functionality.

When your software systems communicate seamlessly, data flows effortlessly, reducing the need for manual processes or migrations.

In addition, integrated tools can significantly improve collaboration among team members, keeping everyone on the same page without additional communication.

Last, an integrated tech stack is generally more scalable. As your business grows, you can add more tools without disrupting your operations. 

LeanData currently has 17 integrations that help connect signals with plays. Plus, when it comes to tools for data enrichment, deduping, sales intelligence, or automated alerts, LeanData is platform-agnostic. 

Our superpower is serving as the quarterback of your tech stack. 

Football player in a green jersey running through software logos.

#7 Automated Scheduling From Webforms

Do you still have SDRs calling your prospects to schedule meetings? Allowing prospective customers to book their own demo meetings through a form on your website is a huge benefit to both buyer and seller. 

  • Increased engagement: When prospects have the power to schedule their own demos, you’re engaging with them at the moment of peak interest. 
  • Better show rates: A self-service approach to meetings respects the buyer’s time and preferences, making them more likely to follow through with the meeting.
  • Reduced friction: Automating the scheduling process eliminates the back-and-forth communication necessary to find a mutually agreeable time. 
  • Better lead qualification: Forms can be customized to gather essential information about the buyer, essentially pre-qualifying them for the meeting. This helps your sales team tailor the demo to the buyer’s needs.

The LeanData platform includes BookIt for Forms, an automated scheduling tool that allows buyers to instantly book a meeting directly from your webforms. 

#8 Next-Step Meeting Scheduling

It’s a common scenario: an SDR is on a call with a prospect, qualifies the potential buyer with the appropriate discovery questions, and is ready to schedule the next call with an Account Executive (AE).

Geometric visualization of LeanData BookIt Handoff

The last thing an SDR should say is, “Let me find out who you should meet with next and I’ll get back to you.” The likelihood of that next meeting actually happening decreases by the minute.

Next-step meeting tools simplify the process of scheduling a follow up. These tools integrate with AEs’ calendars and display available times, facilitating a smoother handoff between SDRs and AEs. 

LeanData’s suite of meeting scheduling tools includes BookIt Handoff, an automated solution used by Sales teams to immediately schedule next-step meetings. 

#9 Personalized Meeting Scheduling Links

Having their own, personalized, automated calendaring link has become an industry standard for sales reps. It contributes to both efficiency and effectiveness in engaging with prospects and customers. 

Visuals of business message exchanges using LeanData BookIt Links

When a sales rep shares a link to their calendar, prospects can choose a time that works for both parties. This tool leads to higher engagement rates, reduced no-show rates, and shorter sales cycles.

LeanData’s BookIt Links provides the friction-free experience buyers and sellers need. Teams can even provide group booking links to instantly share the availability across a group or round robin. BookIt Links is also available via Chrome Extension

an asian woman wearing a hoodie playing tetris with a tech stack

Build The Winning Tech Stack

Building a winning tech stack is often like a complex game of Tetris: evaluating usage here, removing tools with overlapping features there, and right-sizing subscription seats. 

But, opting for LeanData isn’t just about reducing the number of tools in your arsenal. 

Rather, it’s about embracing a future where business operations are efficient, teams are more connected, and the focus remains on delivering exceptional customer experiences.

When you buy LeanData, you are optimizing, consolidating and prioritizing, all at the same time.

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