Transform buying signals into buying decisions

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Why is Revenue Orchestration left to Apex coding, CSV files and manual triage – all powered by teams of people?

Orchestration the old way has become a revenue choke point leading to friction, dropped balls, skirmishes, dead capacity, misdirection and bad customer experiences.
Chaos skyrockets with scale and change, holding back competitiveness and growth
Creating a universal confidence gap that impacts executive, sales development, sales, marketing, revenue ops and customer success.

Modern Revenue Orchestration

Eliminate old-school orchestration chaos

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Always run in a
known state
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Embrace any
business change
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shared awareness


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Prepare for any
revenue moment
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Make every
experience matter

The Gold Standard in Revenue Orchestration

Powered by No-Code Automation

Simplify and accelerate complex go-to-market motions coordinate the explosion of buyer signals and go-to-market motions in any combination, across every stage of the sales cycle.
Take every change in stride and operate at the speed of business visualize and immediately activate your plays with no-code, drag-and-drop workflow automation.
Fuel Intelligent buyer interactions, every time with the right move for each revenue moment. Trigger sequences to support your plays, prioritizing actions to enable next best steps and specifying the best mode of communication for each buyer touchpoint.

The LeanData Revenue Orchestration Platform

Ready. Predictable. Resilient.

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Route buying signals like leads and intent to the CRM

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Enable qualified buyers to instantly book time with the right reps
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Know exactly how every account is engaged

Where to get started with LeanData

For High Volume Inbound Plays

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High Volume Inbound

Accelerate inbound with precision at any scale. LeanData enables inbound teams to improve speed to response, reduce lead triage, keep up with change, drive outcomes, and engage with precision.

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High Volume Outbound

Handle outbound with ease at any scale. LeanData enables outbound teams to accelerate qualification, eliminate ambiguity, engage immediately, drive outcomes, and optimize handoffs.

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Join the movement of growth leaders modernizing
Revenue Orchestration

reduction in time to
respond to buyer
reduction in time spent
on lead triage
1 Day
to make territory changes,
down from six weeks
in matches
increase in
new pipeline
minutes from lead creation
to Outreach sequence

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